AAP 2001 Retreat. (from left to right): Mike Funk, Vanessa Martinez, Nakisha McCants, Franklin Mikell, Omar McGann, Clifford Georges, Jonathon Hurtado, and Diane Lucas (bottom sitting): Kamanta Kettle, Chris Outram and Margee Louisias


AAP 2000 Orientation Mentors (from left to right)Erwin Cifuentes, Nadia Kist, Salim Baksh (Rest in Power), Dwayne Kelly, Sandra Martinez (former AAP photographer), and Sherry Megalla

In the fall of 1988, the College of Arts and Science established the Academic Achievement Program. The program was conceived by Dean of the College Richard Koppenaal, our current Associate Dean William Long, and Dr. Philip Johnson. Under the direction of Dr. Johnson, AAP began as a small pilot program with 28 Black and Latino members. The purpose of the program was to design methods to help AAP students succeed academically, and to help create a sense of community in the College for students of color. AAP has grown significantly over the years.