Center for European and Mediterranean Studies

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285 Mercer Street, 7th Floor • New York, NY 10003-6653 • 212-998-3838

Director of Center

Professor Wolff

The Center for European and Mediterranean Studies offers an interdisciplinary major and minor in European and Mediterranean studies focusing on contemporary patterns of politics, culture, and society, as well as on historical developments in Europe. Both the major and minor are designed for students seeking preprofessional training for careers in international business and finance, diplomacy, international law, and cultural organizations dealing with Europe. Although open to all students, the minor is especially suited to majors in European languages, history, or the social sciences. The center offers and supports a wide array of activities, including lectures, workshops, and conferences dealing with both Western and Eastern Europe. New York City, which is an international focus for diplomacy, finance, media, and cultural exchange, is an ideal setting for the center and enriches its programs.