Department of Biology

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Silver Center • 100 Washington Square East, Room 1009 • New York, NY 10003-6688 • 212-998-8200

Chair of the Department

Professor Small

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor Siegal

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies

Clinical Associate Professor Tan

The science of biology reveals the workings of life in all its varied forms. Modern biology has been revolutionized with the development of powerful techniques in molecular and cellular biology, genomics, and bioinformatics that are now being applied across the spectrum of the science, from biomedicine to environmental biology. The department's programs of study and research reflect this contemporary view of biology.

The department prepares students for careers in the life sciences, and excels in placing students in graduate, medical, and dental schools. The integrated yet diverse program builds from a solid foundation in molecular and cellular biology, evolution, development, and physiology. Students are exposed to modern concepts and methods from the outset of their studies in introductory courses. A variety of upper-level courses deepen knowledge and skills. Advanced students may enroll in graduate-level courses covering specialized areas of faculty research.

Department graduates include Nobel laureates and many other notable scientists and educators. The department's distinguished, diverse faculty conducts research in state-of-the-art laboratories, including those in the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology and Center for Developmental Genetics. Research collaborations extend to New York institutions, including the American Museum of Natural History, New York Botanical Garden, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.