Department of Chemistry

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Silver Center • 100 Washington Square East, Room 1001 • New York, NY 10003-6688 • 212-998-8400

Chair of the Department

Professor Canary

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Jerschow

The Department of Chemistry has a long tradition in the College of Arts and Science, dating back well before the founding of the American Chemical Society at New York University in 1876. Professor John W. Draper, the first president of the society and chair of the department, was a remarkable polymath: chemist, physician, philosopher, historian, and pioneering photographer.

The department has undertaken a major development plan, strengthening its faculty, instructional laboratories, course offerings, and research facilities in the areas of physical, biophysical, bioorganic, and biomedical chemistry, as well as in chemical biology, nanoscience, and materials sciences. Qualified undergraduates are strongly encouraged to participate in research as early as their sophomore year of study. The department houses state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for its undergraduate chemistry courses.

Majoring in chemistry at NYU provides strong preparation for graduate study in chemistry and biochemistry; professional education in medicine, dentistry, or patent law; and careers in industrial or pharmaceutical chemistry and biotechnology.