Department of Computer Science

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Director, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Professor Benarous

Chair of the Department

Professor Zorin

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Berger

Computing plays an increasingly important role in almost all fields. It is a very diverse discipline, comprising both theory and applications, and design and analysis of computing technology. The Department of Computer Science is part of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, a world renowned center for the study of mathematics and computer science.

The department offers three major programs: the computer science major, the joint computer science/ mathematics major, and the joint economics/computer science major. The department also offers three minor programs: the computer science minor, the web programming and applications minor, and the joint computer science/mathematics minor. The goal of the majors is to train students in fundamental principles of computer science as well as many practical aspects of software development. Courses combine practical programming experience with techniques for analyzing problems and designing computer algorithms. The goal of the minors is to train students to be proficient users of computers and computer software with less emphasis on the underlying technology and mathematical tools.

Advanced undergraduate students can work on a variety of research projects with the faculty. Outstanding undergraduates may pursue a master's degree through an accelerated five-year program.