Department of Economics

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19 West Fourth Street, 6th Floor • New York, NY 10012-1119 • 212-998-8900


Chairman of the Department

Professor Lizzeri

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Flinn

The Department of Economics prepares students to understand individual and group decision making, the structure of markets and economies, and the relationship between regions within the global economy. Although the department is large, its students enjoy an excellent student-faculty rapport. Many of the faculty members are associated with distinguished research institutions. By being able to study with faculty who are actively engaged in research, students learn not only about the fundamentals of economic theory but also how such theory is utilized. They have the opportunity to conduct research on their own. Honors students are required to write an honors thesis under direct faculty supervision.

Students majoring in economics have many options open to them after graduation. The major prepares them for graduate school in economics, business management, or public administration. Preprofessional students will find that an economics major not only fosters the discipline medical or law school demands, but provides a solid foundation for these and other careers. Employers and professional schools appreciate the skills acquired by economics students and hire economics majors because they can think quantitatively, qualitatively, and analytically. Studying economics at New York University is especially rewarding because of its urban environment. Students often find career opportunities on Wall Street, at the United Nations, or in various corporate, financial, governmental, agency, and nonprofit institutional settings.