Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

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Chair of the Department

Professor Ben-Dor Benite

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Clinical Professor Erol

The Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (MEIS) focuses on the past and present of a vast and culturally diverse region of the world that extends from North Africa to Central Asia and from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. It adopts interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to Middle Eastern societies from antiquity to the present, with particular focus on the period after the emergence of Islam. A Middle Eastern and Islamic studies major offers students the opportunity to master one of the regional languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu. Students also acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of this pivotal area of the world by studying with the department’s specialists in history, anthropology, political science, literature, law, religious studies, and language.

In addition to the courses listed below, students are encouraged to select cross-listed courses in other departments and programs that complement the department’s offerings, such as anthropology, art history, comparative literature, Hebrew and Judaic studies, history, politics, religious studies, and sociology.