Department of Psychology

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6 Washington Place, Room 158 • New York, NY 10003-6634 • 212-998-7920

Chair of the Department

Professor Gollwitzer

Associate Chair of the Department

Professor Rehder

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Curtis

Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Hilford

Cognition and Perception Program Coordinator

Professor Landy

Social Program Coordinator

Associate Professor Amodio

The Department of Psychology at NYU approaches the study of mind and behavior from many perspectives. Cognitive psychologists focus on perception, memory, attention, language, and thinking. Social psychologists determine how social beliefs, attitudes, and decisions are formed and maintained. Cognitive neuroscientists study features and functions in the brain as they relate to certain mental processes. Developmental psychologists seek to understand factors that affect and influence individuals across various ages. These many perspectives are reflected in undergraduate course offerings, all of which emphasize the scientific basis of psychology.

In addition to its course offerings, the department encourages advanced undergraduates to become involved in faculty research through the Research Experiences and Methods course and the honors program. Highly qualified students are admitted to the honors program in their sophomore or junior year, take honors seminars, participate in primary research, and write an honors research thesis under close faculty supervision.

NYU psychology majors graduate with an excellent academic foundation in psychology and are well prepared for graduate study in the field. Graduates are accepted by top programs throughout the country. Others go on to careers in law, business, medicine, and education.