Department of Social and Cultural Analysis

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20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor • New York, NY 10003-7112 • 212-992-9650

Chair of the Department

Professor Morgan

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor Ralph

The Department of Social and Cultural Analysis (SCA) is interdisciplinary in nature, integrating topics from the humanities with methodologies from the social sciences. SCA houses the programs in Africana studies, American studies, Asian/Pacific/American studies, gender and sexuality studies, Latino studies, and metropolitan studies. Students who major in social and cultural analysis choose courses from these program areas in SCA and create an individualized concentration.

Students have the opportunity to combine cutting edge scholarship with real world events, issues, and practices. Its faculty and students explore the range of relationships between human collectivities, on the one hand, and institutions and structures of power, on the other, taking into account how these are affected by such modern global developments as intensified urbanization, increased transnational exchange, and proliferating diasporic populations.

Study in SCA provides excellent background for careers in such fields as community organizing, legal advocacy, nonprofit administration, public policy, and urban and regional planning, among many others. SCA students can elect to major or minor in social and cultural analysis, or to major or minor in one of the six interdisciplinary programs listed above. For detailed information, see the entries for these individual programs in this Bulletin.