Literature in Translation

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Associate Professor Usher


This minor is for students who have an interest in the literature of several different countries and/or cultures and wish to explore that literature through English translation. The minor consists of four courses (16 points) taught in English with a focus on foreign (i.e., not originally written in English) literature offered by participating CAS disciplines (classics, comparative literature, dramatic literature, East Asian studies, English, French, German, Hebrew and Judaic studies, Italian, Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, Russian and Slavic studies, Spanish and Portuguese). A student majoring in a specific language cannot take courses in his or her home department for this minor. In addition, a student must take courses from at least two different departments for this minor, with no more than two courses from the same department. No grade lower than a C counts toward this minor. This minor is declared and advised through the Department of French.

Course Offerings

The following are courses in literature in translation:

  • Courses in foreign literature taught in English translation and listed under the relevant foreign language departments, such as The Comedies of Greece and Rome (CLASS-UA 144) or Women Writers in France (FREN-UA 835).
  • The courses History of Drama and Theatre I, II (DRLIT-UA 110, 111), offered by the Department of Dramatic Literature, in addition to relevant courses cross-listed with the Department of English or with foreign language departments.

Please see individual department sections in this Bulletin for courses and descriptions.