Major/Minor in Dramatic Literature

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Chair of the English Department

Professor Cannon

Adviser for Dramatic Literature

Assistant Professor Blake

Drama, vitally connected with other arts and disciplines, provides a fitting focus of study in a liberal arts education. The special opportunities provided by New York as a world theatre center further energize the study of dramatic literature at NYU. This program, which is administered by the Department of English, brings together courses from across the university in dramatic literature, theatre production, acting, and playwriting. It offers all undergraduates survey courses in the theory and history of drama, as well as electives in more specific subjects. For our majors, the program provides a coherent program of study centered on the history of dramatic literature from its origins to the contemporary New York theatre scene. Majors supplement the study of dramatic literature with courses in theatre production, writing, acting, and cinema.

An honors program is available for qualified students, and course credit is offered for internships that allow them to apply their knowledge of dramatic literature and the theatre in a professional setting.