Major/Minor in Latino Studies

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Director of Latino Studies

Associate Professor Beltrán

Housed in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis (SCA), Latino studies aims to produce knowledge about people of Latin American descent living in the United States and to integrate this knowledge into the country’s understanding of itself. Latino is a concept grounded in the United States, and Latino studies, in this respect, is clearly distinct from Latin American studies. Latino studies exposes students to such topics and new research agendas as: dynamics of race, class, nationality, generation, language, gender, and sexuality among different Latino subgroups, and Pan-Latino/a visions; comparative interethnic dynamics, particularly relations among Latinos, African Americans, and Asian Americans; and transnational linkages and communities, migratory circuits, and transcultural processes, with attention to interactions between U.S. groups and “home” populations. NYU’s Latino studies program has a distinctive profile that gives it intellectual weight and distinctiveness. Its location in New York City makes possible a program built around synergy among the arts, social sciences, and humanities. It offers students training in both field-based and archival research, including  opportunities abroad. And finally, it promotes the study of bilingualism, of the politics of language, and of cultural texts, and offers courses designed to develop bilingual research abilities. Existing resources in Spanish and Portuguese support this aim, and the city is a valuable laboratory for research on languages in contact.