Program of Study (CAS Bulletin)

Irish Studies (2016 - 2018)


Four 4-point courses (16 points) completed with a grade of C or better and chosen from the list of Irish studies course offerings. Courses must be chosen from at least two areas, and one course in the Irish language may count toward the minor. (Independent study courses are also available. Graduate courses are open to undergraduates with permission.)

Arts and Science Summer in Dublin

The program is centered at Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university, situated in the heart of Dublin. Courses include Irish literature, history, politics, visual and performing arts, creative writing, popular culture, and the Irish language. The academic program is complemented by a series of field trips and cultural and social activities, such as outings to the theatre, poetry readings, screenings at the Irish Film Center, and traditional music sessions. Weekend excursions vary, but often include Donegal and Galway.

B.A./M.A. Program

NYU undergraduates with a 3.5 GPA may apply, in their junior year, to be accepted as B.A./M.A. candidates in the Irish and Irish-American studies M.A. program. This allows students to complete a B.A. in an undergraduate major in the College of Arts and Sciences and the M.A. degree in five years. A tuition discount may apply. If accepted, B.A./M.A. candidates will take a graduate course, Irish Studies Seminar I, in the fall semester of their senior year. Application to the M.A. is made via the College of Arts and Science Advising Center, Silver Center 905, 212-998-8130. Students with questions about the B.A./M.A. degree in Irish studies should contact