Program in Ancient Studies

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Clinical Associate Professor Roth 
Art History/Hebrew and Judaic Studies


The chief intent of this minor is to allow students to do significant and structured interdisciplinary work in ancient studies and to acquire an understanding of several ancient civilizations and the ways in which they are examined and analyzed. The adviser for the minor is responsible for ensuring that each student's program of study remains coherent and logical, although there is considerable flexibility within the bounds of the requirements. Courses may be selected that deal with different periods and methodological approaches, as well as a variety of geographical areas that the requirements demand. Each student's course of study is designed on an individual basis, in accordance with his or her needs and interests.

A number of CAS departments and programs, as well as institutes and centers, are directly involved in this program: anthropology, art history, classics, comparative literature, East Asian studies, English, Hebrew and Judaic studies, history, Irish studies, linguistics, Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, and the Alexander S. Onassis Program in Hellenic Studies. The minor consists of five 4-point courses, which are normally selected from the appropriate offerings of these departments and programs. All five of the courses selected must be offered by departments other than the student's major department, and no more than two may be taken in any one department.

Students are furthermore expected to examine at least three different civilizations or cultures in completing this minor. Language courses may not be used to fulfill the requirements of this minor. If desired, students who choose this minor may complete, as a capstone experience, an independent study course, which is normally the fifth course taken for the minor. The adviser for the ancient studies minor may assist students in designing a project and in finding an appropriate faculty member to direct this independent study.