Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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13 University Place, Room 219 • New York, NY 10003-4573 • 212-998-8698

Director of the Program

Professor Rust

The undergraduate Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies is part of the Medieval and Renaissance Center (MARC). It focuses on the history, institutions, languages, literatures, thought, faith, art, and music of Europe, the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean world from the collapse of Roman authority to about 1700 C.E. It is during this important period—which shaped and transmitted the classical heritage—that the social, artistic, intellectual, and scientific culture of present-day Europe and the Middle East was formed.

The curriculum in medieval and Renaissance studies links undergraduates with NYU’s outstanding humanities faculty; with the superb libraries, museums, and collections in the New York area; and with musical and theatrical performances of works from this period that are given regularly in the city. It also enriches students’ intellectual and artistic experience in College of Arts and Science programs away. Students design their own programs in consultation with the program director and faculty; they thus receive individualized attention from a center of excellence situated within the rich offerings of a great university and a vibrant city.

Many majors in the Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies have gone on to graduate work in medieval studies, early modern studies, Celtic studies, archival and/or museum studies, religious studies, history, art history, English, foreign language literatures and cultures, and music. Other majors have gone on to professional schools (medicine, law, management), as well as to careers in business and education.