New York University Study Away

A College of Arts and Science student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply to study away for one semester or a full academic year at an NYU global academic center or through the international exchange program. Choosing to study away is a simple process designed to help students understand their options and make sure that the courses fit well into their overall academic plan. The NYU global academic centers offer NYU courses in NYU-managed academic facilities, a full-time staff, faculty hired locally and appointed by a committee in New York, and guaranteed student housing assignments. The international exchange program allows students to enroll directly at an approved exchange partner university while remaining as an NYU student paying NYU tuition and retaining the same NYU financial aid award.

First, students should contact the Office of Global Programs (212-998-4433; for information on all study away options.

Second, they should consult their academic adviser in the College Advising Center (Silver Center, 100 Washington Square East, Room 905; 212-998-8130), or, if they have already declared a major, in their department, for more detailed and customized advice and approval of a specific course of study. Before students can register for study away courses, their adviser must approve the course work they will complete.

Some study away courses bearing the suffixes -AD/UH (NYU Abu Dhabi) and -SHU (NYU Shanghai) are approved not to count against each CAS student's 16-point allowance in the other schools of NYU. In addition, some of these courses are also approved to count toward a CAS major or minor, either as a course equivalent or as a major/minor elective. Students should check with their adviser and view course descriptions at the NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai websites.

However, no -AD/UH or -SHU courses can count toward the 64 credits that internal or external transfer students are required to complete in CAS (-UA) courses, even if they are accepted towards a CAS major or minor.

Third and finally, students who are interested in studying at a NYU global academic center should submit an application online through the Application Center in Albert. for fall and spring semester application deadlines. Applicants are encouraged to plan ahead and apply early, as some programs fill quickly.

Requests are processed and reviewed by the Office of Global Programs, as well as by the Office of the Associate Dean for Students. Considerations used in determining whether the program is appropriate for the applicant include academic and disciplinary stand­ing and progress to degree. Confirmation letters are sent directly to the applicant with instructions for registration, pre-departure arrangements, and orientation information.

Students who wish to study away in a non-NYU program must petition the associate dean for students in writing, showing academic justification for choosing the pro­gram. After the petition has been reviewed, the student will be informed of the outcome. For further information, contact the Office of the Associate Dean for Students (Silver Center, Room 909B; 212-998-8140).

For application information  for the academic year, visit or contact the NYU Office of Global Programs, 383 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003-4170; 212-998-4433. For more information on summer sessions away,

NYU offers study away for a semester or a year at its global academic centers:

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Florence, Italy
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Paris, France
  • Prague, the Czech Republic
  • Shanghai, China
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Washington, D.C., USA


NYU Abu Dhabi, the University's first degree-granting campus outside the U.S., is a study away option for students earning their degree in New York. Located in the global crossroads of the Persian Gulf, NYU Abu Dhabi offers study away students the opportunity to continue their education at a comprehensive research university among students who come from all over the world.

Small class sizes allow students to develop close relationships with professors. Students can choose from a wide array of courses in liberal arts and sciences, many of which respond to the location of Abu Dhabi and promote an understanding of Middle Eastern history and culture. Language courses in Arabic and Chinese are offered.

The NYU Abu Dhabi campus is located on Saadiyat Island. Five hundred meters off the mainland, the island is being planned for a population of 150,000, with a cultural district featuring several museums, including the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The NYU campus has facilities dedicated to academics and research, residential life, library, dining, performance and the arts, and athletics. In addition to the main campus, the NYUAD Center for Science and Engineering (CSE) provides extensive teaching and research space.

Some study away courses bearing the suffix -AD/UH (NYU Abu Dhabi) are approved not to count against each CAS student's 16-point allowance in the other schools of NYU. In addition, some of these courses are also approved to count toward a CAS major or minor, either as a course equivalent or as a major/minor elective. Students should check with their adviser and view course descriptions at the NYU Abu Dhabi website.

However, no -AD/UH courses can count toward the 64 credits that internal or external transfer students are required to complete in CAS (-UA) courses, even if they are accepted towards a CAS major or minor.


NYU's global academic center in Accra, the capital of Ghana, offers courses in the arts, literature, communication, journalism, media, anthropology, history, politics, global public health, and sociology taught by leading scholars, artists, writers, and public intellectuals drawn from Accra and the local region. Students at NYU Accra have the unique opportunity to enhance coursework relevant to their majors with enrollment at the University of Ghana-Legon, where they may take up to two courses while studying alongside West Africa's top students.

Many NYU Accra students intern and take part in community service with NGOs, local businesses, and philanthropic groups, helping them to understand social entrepre­neurship in a fast-developing city. Numerous cocurricular travel opportunities introduce students to the diversity and complexity of West African culture. Whether learning Twi, the city's local dialect, or embracing local West African culture, students at NYU Accra are rewarded with an unparalleled intellec­tual and cultural experience.

All students are required to reside in NYU-arranged housing facilities as a condition of enrollment at NYU Accra. The housing facilities are located in residen­tial neighborhoods within walking distance of the NYU Global Academic Center and provide shared bedrooms, kitchens, and common space.

In addition, Arts and Science offers a sum­mer journalism program at the Academic center in Accra. For more information, please consult


At NYU Berlin, located in the trendy Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood in central Berlin, students experience a cosmopolitan city that holds a complex and crucial place in modern European history. Youthful, artistic, and hip, Berlin has traveled a path that led from the defining cultural avant-garde of the Weimar Republic to the devastation of World War II, from a divided city symbolizing the Cold War to today's reunified and renewed capital.

The program at NYU Berlin is designed for students in the social sciences and humanities who want to earn credit in their majors—including sociology, psychology, history, politics, environmental studies, and European studies—while having a trans-formative experience abroad. Courses are taught in English, and German language courses are offered at all levels. Day trips and guided excursions in and around Berlin are included in the program.

All NYU Berlin students live in the lively district of Kreuzberg in a NYU-managed residence hall. Students share double rooms and enjoy spacious common areas and a film screening studio. Outdoors, there is a well-manicured green space, which invites students to study and relax. Student hous­ing is located just a short walk from two major subway lines, making the commute to classes at the Global academic center about 35-40 minutes by public transport.

In addition, Arts and Science sponsors a six-week summer program that offers students the opportunity to study German language, literature, film, art, and architec­ture; experience the cultural life of Europe's most exciting capital city; encounter the traces of German history; and explore the transformation of the former capital of the Cold War into a city that connects Eastern and Western Europe. For more informa­tion, please consult


NYU Buenos Aires offers students the exceptional opportunity to learn about the people, history, culture, politics, and economy of Argentina and the region while living in one of South America's most vibrant cities. Courses are taught in Spanish and English by some of Argentina's most talented scholars, journalists, and public health professionals, as well as renowned writers and musicians. The curriculum provides a cultural framework for coursework in subjects ranging from art history, cinema studies, and creative writing to politics, global public health, sociology, and econom­ics. All students at NYU Buenos Aires take a Spanish language course at their appropriate level upon arrival or, if they possess advanced skills, an elective in the language.

A place of renewed growth and prosperity, Buenos Aires is one of the most important financial and cultural centers in Latin America. The NYU global academic center is located in the handsome Recoleta district, near vibrant Avenida Santa Fe. Staff mem­bers organize and offer a myriad of activities for students to take part in, ranging from regional travel to destinations such as Iguazu Falls, Rosario, and Tigre to cultural and social events so that students can meet local "porteños" and connect more to the city. Internship opportunities at local NGOs and media offices open doors for students to engage in the community and practice Spanish. Museums, class field trips, and concerts offer opportunities to go beyond day-to-day cultural experiences and better understand the dynamic past and present of the Argentine capital. Students live in homestays which brings the everyday Argentine way of living to life as students share meals, ideas and activities with their host parents.


NYU Florence offers a strong and coher­ent humanities curriculum of art history, history, cinema, and literature, alongside a focused concentration in social research, public policy, and law. Each of these two separate but not unrelated parts takes advantage not only of the extraordinary cultural resources provided by the city of Florence and Italy in general, but also of a unique array of cocurricular lectures and activities through the La Pietra Dialogues series that make the Florence campus a dynamic center for scholarly activity and global policy discussions. Cultural activities and field trips in and around Florence and Tuscany are an integral part of the cocur­ricular program.

Courses are taught in English. Italian language courses are available at all levels, and an intensive Italian Language Program is available for students at the intermediate level or beyond who want to accelerate their language acquisition and engage with Florentine culture at the same time. Students with advanced proficiency in Italian may take courses taught in Italian at the NYU global academic center or may directly enroll in courses at the University of Florence for up to half of their coursework.

The academic center is located just north of the city center on a magnificent 57-acre estate bequeathed to the University by Sir Harold Acton, a distinguished patron of the arts. The estate is comprised of five villas, most notably La Pietra, which houses an early Renaissance art and furniture collection, and its grounds feature one of the most authentically restored Renaissance gardens in all of Tuscany.

Some students reside on the estate in one of two villas that have been dedicated to student housing; other students live in downtown Florence in shared residences or in a homestay in an Italian household.

Arts and Science sponsors a six-week sum­mer program in Florence that offers courses in language, literature, culture, history, art, and architecture, providing students with a framework for understanding both the traditions of the past and the richness of contemporary culture in Florence. Lectures are supplemented with field study in museums and sites in and around the city.

In addition, the College of Arts and Science Creative Writing Program offers Writers in Florence, a specialized program in which students focus on either poetry or fiction and participate in daily workshops and craft classes where they receive guidance from accomplished professional writers. Course work includes readings and lectures by Florence-based writers and publishing professionals. Program faculty and staff plan literary walking tours, as well as visits to parks, restaurants, cafés, and historic homes of famous writers.

For information on either summer program in Florence, please consult


Centrally located in Bloomsbury, the heart of London's university district, students at NYU London take advantage of a wide range of academic programs complemented by the rich cultural experience of living in one of Europe's most storied cities. Specialized programs are available in Africana studies, art and architecture, business, mathematics, British literature and writing, prehealth, child and adolescent mental health studies, and psychology. Additionally, NYU is one of the only institutions in London to offer science courses approved by the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) for medical school admittance. Fieldwork and site visits are a regular part of many classes and students may apply to for-credit internships with key institutions in fields including marketing, finance, media, law, politics, health, and theatre.

The global academic center, a converted 18th-century town house, is located on his­toric Bedford Square near many museums and public parks and gardens. The center offers classrooms, a computer lab, and a student resource room. Students live nearby in NYU-arranged residences close to public transportation, the shops of the Brunswick Center, and the West End (London's theatre district).

Students can take advantage of guided tours to places such as the British Museum, Shakespeare's Globe, the Tate Gallery, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London. There are also several walking tours focusing on the architecture of districts such as Soho, Bloomsbury, and Westminster, as well as excursions to sites outside of London.

Arts and Science's six-week summer program in London offers students the opportunity to pursue study of British drama, visual arts, literature, and politics with distinguished NYU and local faculty. Students register for 8 points of coursework. The program includes excursions around London and further afield to Canterbury, Bath, Dover Castle, and Stonehenge.

CAS also offers a specialized three-week summer program called Urban Design in London, a summer study program intended for students interested in a career in architecture, architectural history, art history, urban planning, or architectural preservation. Contemporary British architecture and urban issues are examined within the context of history and tradition. The program is intensive and involves daily trips over a three-week period throughout London and its environs. For information on either summer program in London, please


At NYU Madrid students advance their command of Spanish while engaging with European traditions and culture. Established in 1958 as NYU's first global academic center, NYU Madrid offers Spanish language instruction at all levels, as well as courses in economics, politics, Spanish culture, Spanish American literature, business, journalism, history, civilization, anthropology, the social and political sciences, fine arts, and cinema.

For students with no previous knowledge of Spanish, elementary language courses are offered along with a curriculum taught in English. Students at the intermedi­ate level can take courses conducted in Spanish designed especially for their skill level. During the spring semester qualified students who are fluent in Spanish may take up to two courses at our affiliated university, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).

Madrid is the political and cultural center of Spain and one of the liveliest and friendliest capital cities in Europe, replete with magnificent architecture, world-class museums, and delicious cuisine. Students at NYU Madrid enjoy a semester of rich cultural experiences that complement their studies, whether they're on a class trip to the Museo del Prado to learn firsthand about Goya's masterpieces or at an out-of-the way tapas bar on Cava Baja.

Many students live in homestays with Spanish host families, which encourages them to build a deeper connection with Spanish culture and provides an opportunity to practice speaking in a more casual environment. A second housing option assigns NYU Madrid students to live together in a NYU arranged group residence. An Intercambio Program brings NYU Madrid students together with local students to practice their Spanish and make friends.

The Arts and Science six-week summer session in Madrid provides instruction at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels of spoken and written Spanish; contemporary Spanish culture and literature; and Spanish theatre, cinema, and art history. Students can also take advantage of the cultural activities and excursions organized by the program. For more information, please consult


The curriculum at NYU Paris focuses on the language, arts, history, literature, and politics of France and its relationships with the wider world. A world-class faculty provides context and support for students' academic work. Students with a limited background in French enroll in Program I, where all courses except for language courses are taught in English. Students proficient in French participate in Program II, which features a variety of courses taught in French. All students take a French language course appropriate to their level. Coursework is enhanced by faculty-led trips in and around Paris, to world-renowned museums such as the Louvre and the Musée Picasso or to smaller galleries and exhibits, as well as to the opera, ballet, and important historic sites. Students also have the opportunity to a take a course or two through an arrangement at one of the local French universities.

The NYU Paris global academic center is located in the Latin Quarter, the thriving historic and intellectual heart of Paris. Students have the opportunity to benefit from the numerous cultural, artistic, and academic institutions of this wonderful neighborhood. The cocurricular program offers day trips to places outside of the city such as Chantilly, Giverny, and Versailles, and weekend excursions and study-trips to locations such as Avignon, the Loire Valley, and La Rochelle, that allow students to further embrace the richness, depth, and diversity of French history and civilization.

Student housing is arranged by NYU in homestays, apartments, and residences around the city—all commutable to the academic center via public transportation.

Arts and Science also offers a six-week sum­mer program in Paris. The undergraduate program combines the study of language, literature, contemporary French culture, theatre, and cinema with extracurricular activities and outings to expose students to all aspects of French life. Weekend excur­sions are also part of the program, which may include the famous Avignon Theatre Festival.

The College of Arts and Science Creative Writing Program offers Writers in Paris, a specialized summer program in which students focus on either poetry or fiction and participate in daily workshops and craft classes in which they receive guidance from accomplished professional writers. Coursework includes readings and lectures by Paris-based writers and publishing professionals. Program faculty and staff plan literary walking tours, as well as visits to parks, restaurants, cafeÅLs, and historic homes of famous writers. For information on either summer program in Paris, please consult


NYU Prague, located in two 15th-century buildings only steps away from the Old Town Square and the historic clock tower, offers students a broad curriculum in art, architecture, journalism, film, media, music, photography, politics, business, the humanities, and social science. Courses are taught by a diverse faculty, including noted writers, foreign ambassadors, and leading dissidents of the Velvet Revolution, the nonviolent political movement that ended the Communist regime in Prague in 1989. A specialized program in music and the performing arts pairs students in private lessons with the most talented musicians in the nation, while music and photography students have access to on-site practice space and darkrooms. All courses are taught in English except for language courses in Czech, German, Polish, and Russian.

Prague has emerged as a crown jewel of central Europe—a vibrant center of culture and thought that attracts students from around the world. NYU Prague students engage in this environment via cocurricular programming that includes attendance at global conferences in the city and a dynamic lecture series hosted at the NYU Prague Institute for Democracy, Economy, and Culture. Internships are widely avail­able. In past semesters students have written for Czech magazines and worked with the public relations and fundraising arms of the Archa and Ponec theatres and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

NYU-arranged housing is provided in residential buildings a short commute from the global academic center on public transit. NYU Prague staff plan a series of activities to introduce students to the excit­ing cultural history and characteristics that make Prague unique.


NYU Shanghai, the University's second degree granting campus outside the U.S., offers a study away option for students inter­ested in a semester or year studying in this exciting business and cultural center. Located in the Pudong district in the heart of China's most dynamic city, with a population estimated to be between 16 and 24 million, the NYU Shanghai campus has facilities for academics and research, library, computer labs, and student activities. Students are guaranteed housing in NYU-arranged residences a short transit ride from campus.

A metropolis with strikingly modern architecture, Shanghai is the perfect locale from which to observe the interplay of various forces that have turned China's economy into one of the world's largest in a very short time. At NYU Shanghai students will find courses taught in English by prestigious faculty in a variety of disciplines in liberal arts, science, and engineering. Students are drawn to NYU Shanghai from China, the United States, and from around the world, all seeking an academic environment that encourages cross-cultural learning, exploration, and development. NYU Shanghai provides students with access to on-site academic administrators who will advise them during their stay, as well as to a full-time student affairs staff. Studying at NYU Shanghai affords students the exceptional opportunity to learn about the history and culture of this ever-developing country while participating in the vibrant activities of day-to-day life in Shanghai.

Some study away courses bearing the suffix -SHU (NYU Shanghai) are approved not to count against each CAS student's 16-point allowance in the other schools of NYU. In addition, some of these courses are also approved to count toward a CAS major or minor, either as a course equivalent or as a major/minor elective. Students should check with their adviser and view course descrip­tions at the NYU Shanghai website.

However, no -SHU courses can count toward the 64 credits that internal or external transfer students are required to complete in CAS (-UA) courses, even if they are accepted towards a CAS major or minor.


Located in Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city, NYU Sydney provides students with the unparalleled opportunity to live and study in a hub of commerce, culture, and communication in the Asia-Pacific region. NYU Sydney students will be able to explore Aboriginal art and culture, products of the longest continuous civilization on the planet. Courses will introduce Australia's rich history of immigrant communities that formed this continent-sized nation with unique and compelling characteristics. The curriculum offers classes in anthropology, business, English, creative writing, environmental studies, global public health journalism, prehealth, child and adolescent mental health studies, psychology, and communications.

The NYU Sydney global academic center is located in a recently renovated historic building in the Rocks area of central Sydney near the renowned harbor. The facility houses the administrative offices, classrooms, computer lab, and reading room. A common area doubles as a study lounge and space for social gatherings. Students are assigned housing in an NYU arranged residence a short commute on public transit from the academic center.

Leading professors drawn from Sydney and the local region along with NYU staff support students as they engage with the city and local culture. NYU-organized study trips taking students beyond the areas visited by casual tourists are an essential part of the cocurricular program.


Tel Aviv, a vibrant Mediterranean metropo­lis, is the financial and technological center of Israel. Here, students have the opportu­nity to acquire a sophisticated understanding of Israel and the Middle East, and of the interrelationships between cultures, political movements, and religious traditions.

The curriculum at NYU Tel Aviv is particularly well suited for students studying history, politics, biology, chemistry, business, cinema studies, journalism, and the social sciences. While students study with great teachers in a variety of fields, they also develop competency in Hebrew or Arabic and, through a credit-bearing internship course, may engage with local cultural and community organizations, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). NYU Tel Aviv has a dedicated faculty that includes established scholars, artists, journalists, and public intellectuals whose internationally valued work transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.

All students live in NYU-arranged housing located in a residential neighborhood near Yarkon Park, often compared to New York's Central Park for its sports facilities, botanical gardens, aviary, water park, concert venues, and lakes. Outside class, students can enjoy Tel Aviv's Bauhaus-inspired modern architecture, world-class museums, modern art galleries, dance and theatre performances, opera, jazz, classical music, and an emerging alternative music scene.


No global network would be complete without a location in the U.S. capital, the seat of the federal government, home to 174 embassies, headquarters of numerous international policy-making bodies and think tanks, and the site of many museums, monuments, and cultural institutions. At NYU Washington, D.C., students will find study and research opportunities in an array of subjects, including American studies, art history, business, economics, environmental studies, history, journalism, metropolitan studies, politics, prelaw, and public policy, all enhanced by access to Washington's dis­tinctive intellectual, political, and cultural life. The competitive NYU Washington,

D.C. Global Leadership Scholars Program enables a select group of students to enroll in an intensive leadership course where participants learn about the meaning of global leadership in the 21st century.

Students learn under the guidance of a world-class faculty and engage in care­fully selected and academically supervised internships with elected officials, govern­ment agencies, international organizations, NGOs, museums, media, and other institutions.

Students live and attend class just blocks from the White House, the World Bank, and the Smithsonian museums at NYU's Constance Milstein and Family Global Academic Center, which features seminar rooms, an auditorium, computer lab, reading room, and student lounges on each floor. The center also serves as a venue for dynamic public programming featur­ing leaders in government, business, and culture as well as notable public figures as part of the Weissberg Forum for Discourse in the Public Square. These events encour­age students to discuss topical issues with distinguished speakers and contribute to an academic environment that deepens their understanding of public policy, civic activism, cultural studies, international concerns, green initiatives, media matters, political debates, legal issues, and business affairs.

In addition to the connections students make at their internship placements, students also have opportunities to become involved with the local community through programming and activities that include visits to places of historic significance, tours of museums, galleries and monuments, and volunteer opportunities in the community. A large NYU alumni network provides additional opportunities for students, including support for our mentoring program.


College of Arts and Science students have the opportunity to study away for a semester or an academic year at outstanding universities in other countries as part of their NYU education through exchange partnerships arranged between NYU and select institutions. Many of the universi­ties in the NYU International Exchange Program offer courses in English, while some require fluency in the language of the host country.

For an up to date list of the exchange partners and to learn more about course offerings and language requirements, visit


  • Bocconi University (Milan, Italy; CAS economics majors only)
  • Freie University (Berlin, Germany)
  • Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland)
  • University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • University of Stockholm (Sweden)
  • University of Vienna (Austria)

Latin America

  • Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Santiago, Chile)


  • Nagoya University (Nagoya, Japan)
  • Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Yonsei University (Seoul, S. Korea)

CAS students who enroll through the exchange program remain matriculated at NYU, pay NYU tuition, and receive financial aid as if they were attending classes at Washington Square. Students apply for the exchange after consulting with their academic adviser. For further information, please consult and contact the College of Arts and Science Advising Center, Silver Center, Room 905, 212-998-8130. Students may also contact