CAS First-Year and Advanced Honors Seminars

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First-Year Seminars

  • This graduation requirement offers first-year students the opportunity to be in a small, intellectually stimulating class taught by a distinguished faculty member.
  • Introduce students to demanding and challenging standards of analysis and argumentation, oral as well as written, by means of intensive discussion, papers on focused topics, and reading that emphasizes critical interpretation rather than absorption of information.

Except where noted, the seminars do not assume any specific course or background on the student's part. Each seminar is 4 points, and enrollment is limited to 16 students.

Advanced Honors Seminars

Established in response to the popularity and success of the First-Year Seminars, the Advanced Honors Seminars are primarily designed for sophomores and juniors in the College. Offered in the spring of each year, they give students the same opportunity to come into direct contact with great ideas and great thinkers in small seminars taught by distinguished professors from throughout the University faculty. Each seminar is 4 credits and enrollment is usually limited to 16 students.