Academic Standards

A faculty Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standards helps ensure students are following the Degree Requirements and Academic Policies as explained in the CAS Bulletin. The Committee meets regularly throughout the academic year to review student records.

While CAS expects most of its students will experience a straightforward path to successfully completing an undergraduate degree and will be able to easily comply with the College’s academic standards, the Committee also understands that difficulties may arise that hinder a student’s ability to comply with certain requirements. When such extenuating circumstances arise, the Committee allows students to petition for an exception to or exemption from a policy or requirement.

Because every student and every situation is unique, the Committee decides whether to approve or deny all such requests on a case by case basis. Students should be aware that only petitions based on circumstances that are supported by valid and documented academic reasons will be considered. The decisions of the Committee are final.

Prior to filing a petition, students should consult “Academic Requirements” in Albert and/or a CAS advisor for questions about their academic standing and progress to degree. At the same time, the Office of the Associate Dean for Students and the CAS Advising Center are additional resources to help students understand their academic standing, progress to degree and available options for completing CAS’ academic requirements.

You can find information on several academic policies, the related petitions and the petition forms below. You should download the necessary petition, complete it and then bring it and any supporting documentation to the Office of the Associate Dean for Students (Silver 909).

If you have any questions, you can call or stop by the Office of the Associate Dean for Students (Silver 909) (212.998.8140). If you happen to be studying away or are off campus and need to file a petition, you may download the necessary petition, complete the forms and email them to