CAS Placement Examinations

To assist students and their academic advisers in wisely charting a course of study, the College of Arts and Science offers placement examinations in calculus, computer science, and numerous foreign languages. Please see below for information on how and when to take them.

Calculus (and Mathematics for Economics) Placement Information and Examinations

The Department of Mathematics has important information here on the prerequisites and criteria for entering Calculus I (MATH-UA 121) and Mathematics for Economics I (MATH-UA 211), which carries the exact same prerequisites and criteria for entry as Calculus I, as well as information on placing into higher levels of calculus and how Advanced Placement and other examinations may affect placement. There are also exams to place directly into Mathematics for Economics II (MATH-UA 212) and III (MATH-UA 213); AP or other advanced standing credit in calculus cannot substitute for any courses in the MFE sequence.

NOTE: The SAT general test changed with the March, 2016 administration. The minimum score on the mathematics section that is an acceptable prerequisite for Calculus I (MATH-UA 121) or Mathematics for Economics I (MATH-UA 211) is: 650+ for SAT taken before March 2016, and 670+ for SAT taken in or after March 2016. There is no change to the minimum score on either mathematics SAT subject exam that is accepted as a prerequisite for these two courses (650+). These scores are only some of the acceptable prerequisites for MATH-UA 121 and 211; see the Department of Mathematics website (above) for more information.

NOTE: courses that have Algebra and Calculus (MATH-UA 9) or equivalent as the prerequisite, such as Introduction to Macroeconomics or Microeconomics (ECON-UA 1 or 2), have the same placement criteria as Calculus I and Mathematics for Economics I.

For a schedule of upcoming calculus placement exams, click here. Pre-registration is required for all placement exams in the Department of Mathematics. To pre-register, click here. If students show up at the exam who haven't pre-registered using this specific online form, they will NOT be allowed to take the test.

Advanced General Chemistry Placement Information - Summer 2017

Students considering a major in chemistry or biochemistry (and others with a a strong interest and background in the physical sciences and mathematics) are invited, if eligible, to register for Advanced General Chemistry I and Laboratory (CHEM-UA 127) instead of General Chemistry I and Laboratory (CHEM-UA 125). It covers similar material as CHEM-UA 125 but in more depth, using a different text to support the topics. Students are selected for this course. In addition to the core material, whenever possible, current research results pertaining to these topics are included in class discussions. Laboratories provide illustration and reinforcement of course topics. Experiments include studies of stoichiometry, acid-base chemistry, properties of gases, colligative properties of solutions, thermochemistry, equilibrium, electrochemistry, and kinetics. Many experiments are augmented by the use of interfaced computers. Also includes individualized projects intended to provide a research-like experience.

The course prerequisites are: AP Chemistry 5 or equivalent; AP Calculus AB 4 or equivalent; good performance in high school physics or Physics SAT II; and permission of the department. International equivalents are accepted. Intended chemistry and biochemistry majors are encouraged to take General Physics I and II (PHYS-UA 11, 12) as freshmen with Advanced General Chemistry. Corequisite: Calculus II (MATH-UA 122).

Incoming freshmen with a posted 5 on AP Chemistry and a posted 4 on any AP Calculus and on any AP Physics (or international equivalents) should ask their CAS academic advisers to enroll them directly in Advanced General Chemistry Lecture, Recitation, and Laboratory.
A posted A in a high school physics course or score of 700+ on the SAT Physics exam can substitute for the AP Physics requirement.

All other students (i.e., students whose AP scores are not yet posted, or who scored a 4 instead of 5 on AP Chemistry) must contact the Department of Chemistry as soon as possible for (1) permission to take the course or (2) to be placed on a departmental waiting list pending receipt of test scores. These students should initially register for regular General Chemistry, choosing only the Friday 9:30 Recitation and Thursday 2:30 Lab sections (these are the days and times of the only Advanced General Chemistry RCT and LAB sections). Also, these students must write directly to and include their NYU N# and received/anticipated testing results.

Please click here for a link to the Department of Chemistry

Computer Science Placement Information and Examinations

Students with little or no programming knowledge who are considering a major or minor in computer science should begin with Introduction to Computer Programming (CSCI-UA 2). Students with a 4 or 5 on the AP Computer Science exam are expected to skip Introduction to Computer Science (CSCI-UA 101) and enroll in Data Structures (CSCI-UA 102).
Students considering the major or minor who have no AP credit or previous coursework but have gained a good knowledge of programming on their own are strongly advised to take a placement examination in the Department of Computer Science for possible waiver from CSCI-UA 2 and admission to CSCI-UA 101.

All students interested in taking Introduction to Computer Science (CSCI-UA 101) must take Introduction to Computer Programming (CSCI-UA 2) or pass the Placement Exam.

Information about our Placement Exam can be found at:

Sample Placement Exam Questions:

For further details, please contact   

Foreign Language Placement and Exemption Examinations

The exams below are for NYU students only. Students who are not matriculated at NYU should contact the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting (212-998-7030) at the NYU School of Professional Studies to inquire about foreign language courses and examinations.

For further information on language exams, NYU students, faculty, and administrators should contact the Office of Academic Affairs in the Silver Center, Room 908 (212-998-8110) or email (students please include your NYU ID # in your email).

Summer 2017

NYU offers both “placement exams” and “exemption exams.” Please read the entire section. Students cannot take an exemption exam without first earning a qualifying score on a placement exam. NOTE: Online placement exam results are valid for no more than 18 months.

IMPORTANT: Students of Spanish, especially native speakers and/or those with credit for AP Spanish Literature, must first click here and review departmental policies and procedures.

I. For placement in (and possible eligibility to later take an exemption exam in) Cantonese, French, German, Greek (Modern), Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mandarin (simplified and traditional), Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog (Filipino), students must go to the College of Arts and Science’s language exam website and take the online exam of their choice:

You cannot take the online exams on an iPad, tablet, or smartphone. It can only be taken on a desktop or laptop computer, and only in Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please send an email with your NYU ID # to Including a screen shot can expedite the process.

Exemption-only paper exams in the following languages are offered in person (one hour long) for students who score above the specified cutoffs on the online placement exams:

  • French: 46 or higher (departmental exam)
  • German: 71 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Italian: 59 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Spanish: 59 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Cantonese: 50 or higher (please email Professor Fiona Hui at
  • Greek (Modern): 51 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Hebrew: 42 or higher (departmental exam, 30 minutes)
  • Japanese: 62.5 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Korean : 81 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Latin: 35 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Mandarin (simplified and traditional): 81 or higher (departmental exams, 75 minutes)
  • Portuguese: 69 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Russian: 39 or higher (departmental exam)
  • Tagalog (Filipino): 45 or higher (departmental exam, 40 minutes)

Students who score above these cutoffs on the placement exams and who wish to continue their study of the language at NYU rather than exempt from the Core requirement should consult the score and placement results of their online exam and/or consult directly with the language departments or visit their websites.

III. A placement (and possible exemption) exam in the following language is only offered in person, not online, and is ninety minutes long:

IV. Signing up for in-person exams:

Students who are eligible and wish to take an in-person language exam on:

June 2 must R.S.V.P. to (with your NYU ID # and online exam score) by 5 p.m. on June 1.
June 16 must R.S.V.P. to (with your NYU ID # and online exam score) by 5 p.m. on June 15.
July 14 must R.S.V.P. to (with your NYU ID # and online exam score) by 5 p.m. on July 13.

Students registered with the NYU Center for Students with Disabilities must R.S.V.P. to at least two days in advance of their scheduled testing time.

V. Schedule of in-person paper exams:

Friday, June 2
Silver Center, Room 618        
11:00 a.m.
Friday, June 16
Silver Center, Room 618 11:00 a.m.
Friday, July 14 Silver Center, Room 618 11:00 a.m.

Be sure to bring your NYU I.D. card to the exam. If you are an incoming student to NYU and do not yet have an NYU I.D. card, be sure to bring a government photo-I.D. card.

VI. Other languages: To take the Hindi or Urdu exams, students should contact Professor Gabriela Ilieva at To take the Farsi/Persian exam, students should contact Professor Mohammad Khorrami at To take the Turkish exam, students should contact Professor Sibel Erol at To take Gaelic (Irish), students should contact the Center for Irish and Irish-American Studies (212-998-3950). To be evaluated in Swahili or in Yoruba, students should contact the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis (212-992-9650).

VII. For languages offered through our agreement with Columbia University, please click on "Columbia Language Exchange" at the top of this page.

VIII. Policies: Under very exceptional circumstances, students who wish to petition to re-take the same language exam should contact the Office of Academic Affairs in Silver 908. Language exam results are valid for no more than 18 months.

IX. Advisers and departments: access to scores and placement results.

For results from all CAS-developed online placement exams, go HERE. You first need to write Academic Affairs (below) with your NetID to gain access. We will grant access to one or two designated persons in each department.
For results from the old WebCAPE online placement exams, click for FRENCH, GERMAN, or SPANISH. These are password-protected spreadsheets; please write Academic Affairs (below) to gain access. We will grant access to one or two designated persons in each department.

For further information on language exams, contact the Office of Academic Affairs in the Silver Center, Room 908 (212-998-8110) or email (students please include your NYU ID # in your email).