Academic Support Services

The College offers over 75 majors and minors in which students can focus their intellectual energies. To this extraordinary array of possibilities for academic exploration are added extensive opportunities for research, internships, and co-curricular engagement. Students are encouraged to seek advice and assistance at each stage of their undergraduate career in order to take full advantage of the vibrant academic life offered at the College and to reach their own academic potential.

The ninth floor of the Silver Center is the home of the College, and students should think of it as their "academic home" as well. The Office of the Dean, the College Advising Center, and several other key offices and services stand ready to support and assist students in reaching their academic goals.   


Dean’s Letter of Endorsement for Graduate School Applicants


If you are a senior graduating in December or May applying to graduate schools in any field, excluding medical or law school, you are invited to apply for a special Dean’s Letter of Endorsement. This letter will serve to augment your application package to a Master’s or Ph.D. program by underscoring your achievements during your time at CAS. From scholarly excellence to community service, from research awards to campus leadership, the Dean’s Letter of Endorsement will point out the breadth and scope of your college career. While your departmental advisor and mentors will be writing letters that speak to your field of study, the Dean’s Letter of Endorsement will speak to the contributions you have made while at the College.

If you are deciding on a “gap year,” you are still eligible for a Dean’s Letter of Endorsement; you can request one during the application process to graduate school after you’ve left CAS.

Please fill out this downloadable form, and attach to it your resume or CV. Then turn in the form and resume to the Associate Dean’s Office, Room 909, Silver Building.

If you are a student applying to medical or law school, please contact the Office of Pre-Professional Advising, Room 901, Silver Center.

Click here for a downloadable pdf.