Q: Once I declare my major, do I still have an academic advisor at the College Advising Center?
A: Once you have declared your major, you will receive primary advising and registration clearance from an advisor in your major department. However, your CAS advisor will continue to be a resource for you throughout your four years, and you may meet with him/her, or a walk-in advisor, to answer any general questions you have that do not relate directly to your major (such as Core, degree progress, graduation, etc.).

Q: How do I seek out faculty mentors and advisors?
A: Visit professors during office hours; consult extensively with Teaching Assistants regarding academic directions and opportunities in relevant fields of study; attend departmental open houses; identify and establish contacts with specific professors working in your areas of interest. Here is an attainable goal to set for yourself: get to know at least one professor during each of your first two years in college.

For questions about internships, please see this page.