Q: How do I choose a major?
A: Start at the CAS website, where you will find a list of all the majors and minors that we offer. Reading course descriptions in majors that intrigue you is always a good strategy. The College sponsors a Majors Fair every spring, and this is a great resource for the undecided student. In addition, you should visit the Wasserman Center for Career Development to look into careers you are interested in and the education they may require. 

Q: What careers can I pursue with a major in ... ?
A: You can do anything you want with any major.  The goal of the College is to provide students with a strong liberal arts education that helps them develop their skills in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and research (just to name a few), which can be applied to any career field.  Please don’t think that if you major in psychology, you can only become a psychologist; or if you wish to become a doctor, you must major in a hard science; or that to pursue the field of business, you need business or economics as your major.  Employers want students from ALL academic disciplines.  You should use your major as a vehicle to develop the above skills, while complementing your academics with co-curricular experiences (including internships and part-time jobs) that will help you further develop important job-related skills and allow you to explore different career paths.  For further assistance, you are encouraged to speak with your academic advisor and visit the Wasserman Center for Career Development. 

Q: What is an “elective” course?
A: An elective course is any course that counts toward your CAS degree but does not satisfy a Core, major, or minor requirement.  Since all students must earn 128 credits in order to graduate from CAS, all students must take elective courses to complete their degree. The number of elective courses you may take will vary depending on how many Core courses you need to complete and how many credits your major requires.  Early in your college career, you should take elective courses to explore possible majors.  Some students may choose to use their elective credits to take pre-health coursework, complete a minor, or satisfy a second major.  Others may take electives in a variety of areas in order to learn about different disciplines outside of their major. 

Q: I want to study abroad. How and when should I make this decision?
A: The best place to start your study abroad search is to explore the different NYU sites and programs on the Study Abroad website. You should then meet with your advisor to discuss which program is best for your personal and academic goals. Next, you will return to the website where you will fill out and submit your application online. Applications are due by two set dates per semester (usually September 15 and October 15 for the following spring semester, and February 15 and March 15 for the following fall semester). Apply early, and keep in mind that you must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to apply for study abroad programs.

In addition to these resources, there will be one Study Abroad Fair every semester where you can meet with global ambassadors (undergraduates who have studied abroad), representatives from academic departments and study abroad programs, study abroad admissions, financial aid, academic advisors, and others invested in the global education experience. Also, you can contact the study abroad office to get in touch with global ambassadors to inquire about their personal experiences at various NYU sites. Ambassadors are students who have volunteered to answer your questions in regards to NYU programs, so reach out if you have concerns ( 

Q: How can I participate in a non-NYU study abroad?
A: Participating in a non-NYU study abroad requires a petition process that will be explained to you upon appointment with a study abroad advisor. This entails writing a proposal, seeking course approval from the necessary departments, applying to your chosen institution, taking a leave of absence, and receiving approval from the Academic Standards Committee. Please contact the Advising Center at (212) 998-8130 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.