Preprofessional Concerns

Q: Do I need to major in Politics to be accepted at a top law school?
A: No. You can declare a major in any area you want to study. If you think a subject is interesting, chances are that law school admissions committees will find it interesting too. Students in law school come from a variety of academic backgrounds. Law schools are most interested in such skills as critical reading, writing, research, and analytical thinking—skills that can be acquired and polished in any CAS major.

Q: Do I need to major in science if I'm prehealth?  
A: No. Medical and dental schools— in fact, all schools of the health professions— accept students with all majors, and students who major in the social sciences or humanities are just as successful in gaining admission as science majors. A well-rounded, liberal arts education is valued by admissions deans.

Q: Do I need to transfer to a business school in order to have a career in business?
A: No. Employers seriously value the critical thinking skills developed as a liberal arts student. If you would like some foundation in basic business concepts and practices, you should certainly think about taking courses at Stern (keep in mind the 16-credit non-CAS limit, though). Consult the Wasserman Center for career advice, help with your résumé, job listings, and mentoring opportunities with NYU alumni. Starting a career requires creativity, ingenuity, patience, and flexibility. We have fantastic resources at NYU to help you make choices that are right for you.  Please visit the CAS Business Studies website for more information.