How Advising Works

The College Advising Center provides direct assistance to all CAS students with any concern or question, academic or non-academic; advisors can also refer students to appropriate resources on and off campus. In addition to providing advisement on issues related to College and University policies and procedures, study abroad, joint degree programs offered with other schools at the University, and a host of other academic matters, the Advising Center offers special programs such as free tutoring and workshops designed to improve study skills, activities for international students, and services which assist students in the process of choosing a major.

New CAS students are first introduced to the College Advising Center through our orientation programs. Each new student is assigned to a professional academic advisor who will continue to be the primary advisor until the student declares a major. It is each advisor's charge to serve as a mentor and resource for students as they navigate the College Core Curriculum, choose a major, and find their niche within the College.

Students are required to meet with their academic advisors at least once each semester to obtain registration clearance and to discuss their interests, long-term plans, and academic progress. Students are encouraged to meet more often to develop and maintain strong advising relationships. As students move through their careers at the College, they are expected to continue their relationships with advisors in the College Advising Center and to build additional relationships with advisors in the academic departments of their major and minors.

Even after declaring a major, students may continue to utilize the resources available in the Advising Center. The advising staff is here to help students with queries about general degree requirements, plans for a profession or graduate education, or any other issues that may arise. Whether advisors are meeting with first-year students or seniors, they make referrals to College and University resources and support services whenever necessary. In fact, the College Advising Center oversees the University Learning Center (for course assistance and academic skills workshops) and the Preprofessional Advising Center. They also work closely with the Wasserman Center for Career Development and University Counseling Services, bringing trained professionals in these areas to the ninth floor of the Silver Center to meet with students.

The Advising Center strives to create a sense of community and involvement in the College. Individual advisors head up student advisory boards and provide support and opportunities for socialization for such populations as engineering students, international students, and students of color.

Please browse through this website to learn more about who the College Advising Center is, what they do, and how they can help students. Welcome to CAS Advising!