First Year Students

Orientation Advising
All first-year students participate in the College Cohort Program (CCP). The CCP begins with a virtual advising and registration process during the early summer, including selection of a Freshman Seminar, which is required for all CAS first-year students. The Freshman Seminar selected determines placement in a small cohort. There is also an extensive academic orientation and introduction to the CCP during Welcome Week in late August.

During fall of the first year, Cohorts come together every other week for a Cohort meeting, where they work closely with their academic advisor and a College Leader (an upper-class peer advisor) to explore topics that form a foundation for engaging with the variety of academic and cultural offerings at NYU, throughout NYC, and within the Global Network University. Cohorts continue meeting on a monthly basis through the spring semester of the first year.

College Advising
Students can meet as often as they would like with their advisors individually outside the context of the Cohort meeting and are required to meet for individual advising appointments prior to registration for the following semester.

The assigned CAS advisor remains available to students throughout their undergraduate experience, and serves as the primary source for academic advising until the student declares a major. As students move through their careers at the College, they are expected to continue their relationships with advisors in the College Advising Center and to build additional relationships with advisors in the academic departments of their major and minors.