Preprofessional Advising

The College's Preprofessional Advising Center helps students who are thinking about law, the health professions (e.g., medicine, dentistry, etc.), business, or other professional training, to plan their education with these goals in mind and to decide how, when, and where to apply to professional school. Preprofessional advisors help students explore various professions, suggest related readings, provide statistical information about the probability of admission to selected schools, and assist with the application process. Co-curricular programs are also offered, including panels by professionals, resume writing and interviewing workshops, and internships.

For more information regarding Preprofessional Advising, please visit the following websites:

Robert & Ellen Salant Prehealth Program
Are you an NYU student thinking about pursuing a career in a health profession? The Preprofessional Advising Center offers personalized advising and guidance to students from across the University. We can help you navigate the prehealth curriculum, general preparation and application process, assess your chances of admission, and inform you about what a career in medicine or a health-related field entails.

Postbaccalaureate Prehealth Studies Program
Are you interested in pursuing a career in a health profession but already have a bachelor’s degree? It’s never too late to consider a career in medicine, dentistry, or other health professions. Our postbaccalaureate program will help you transition into the academic or professional world of health careers.

Barbara & Evan Chesler Prelaw Program
Are you an NYU student who is thinking about law school? The College of Arts and Science Preprofessional Advising Center can help you plan your prelaw education and curriculum, and decide how, when, and where to apply to law school.

Business Studies
Are you an NYU student thinking about a future in business? By completing the Business Studies minor, you can acquire core knowledge and quantitative skills that are invaluable assets for success in the business professions or with graduate business school admissions. The minor in Business Studies is administered by the College of Arts and Science and is available to all students in the University.

Graduate School Preparation
Thinking about applying to a liberal arts (Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science) graduate program? The Preprofessional Advising Center's Pregraduate website provides an overview of stages involved in making the decision to apply to liberal arts graduate programs, and of the steps involved in crafting your application to these programs. You'll also find a wide variety of resources to help you make this decision, and information about upcoming events related to graduate school preparation.