Program in Dramatic Literature


Drama, vitally connected with other arts and disciplines, provides a fitting focus of study in a liberal arts education. Understanding this interconnectivity of drama with others fields, the Department of English houses the Program in Dramatic Literature to engender collaboration between academic bodies within NYU. By maintaining a partnership with departments and schools that associate with the study of drama, the program illustrates how an interdisciplinary track can provide unique and beneficial opportunities to students and faculty alike.

The program administers a major and minor in Dramatic Literature, and brings together courses from across the university in dramatic literature, acting, playwriting, and theatre production. Offering undergraduate survey courses in the theory and history of drama, as well as electives in more specific subjects, students also supplement their academic studies with practical courses in theatre and cinema production. A main tenet of the major and minor in Dramatic Literature is the cross-listing of courses within CAS and other NYU schools (including Tisch School of the Arts and Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development). The interdisciplinary program of study prepares students for the further academic study of dramatic literature and to enter the professional field of theatre and performance.