Undergraduate Program

Degree Options

Majoring in Italian at New York University provides undergraduate students with many opportunities. In a rigorous and yet relaxed academic environment, students master the language and obtain a thorough understanding of Italian history, culture and society. Courses range from Dante to contemporary cinema and society; from women writers of the Renaissance to futurist performance art. Upon completion of all required departmental and college coursework, students will be conferred the degree of Bachelors of Arts in Italian.

The minor in Italian Studies offers students exciting possibilities for small classes and personalized instruction. After fulfilling basic units of language instruction, students will choose from a variety of interesting courses (in English and Italian) on the literature, culture, history, and cinema of Italy. Students majoring in areas such as music, international relations, communication, comparative literature, art history, or film will find the Italian minor ideally suited to their various interests.

Students may choose to fulfill some of the requirements with a semester of study abroad at NYU Florence during the academic year, or with NYU Summer in Florence. (in Florence during the academic year or with our summer program.

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Undergraduate majors and minors, or students with program-related questions, should contact Melissa Alexander (ma4542@nyu.edu, 212.998.8122) to schedule an appointment.


Spring 2017 Semester - Members of the NYU Italian Studies Club and Italian Studies majors/minors attended the Opera with Professor Jane Tylus