Faculty Bookshelf

More Shadow Than Bird

Nuar Alsadir

Making Figures

Bruce Bromley

The Life in the Sky Comes Down

Bruce Bromley


Nicole Callihan

Carnations: Poems

Anthony Carelli

Hollywood Riots: Violent Crowds and Progressive Politics in American Film

Doug Dibbern

Phrasebook for the Pleiades

Lorraine Doran

The People We Hate at the Wedding

Grant Ginder

Dead Reckoning: Transatlantic Passage on Europe & America

Andrei Guruianu

Made in the Image of Stones

Andrei Guruianu

Portrait Without a Mouth

Andrei Guruianu

Hua Shi Hua

Jen Hyde

New York School Painters & Poets: Neon in Daylight

Jenni Quilter

Plain Burned Things: A Poetics of the Unsayable

Leah Souffrant

The Wanted

Michael Tyrell