Waiving the EWP Writing Requirement

Transfer students who enter New York University with 21 or more credits may apply to be waived from all or part of the writing requirement. A waiver does not involve the exchange or approval of transfer credit: waiver provides exemption from the requirement. All applicants must provide a substantive writing portfolio as part of the application. For more information on eligibility or to apply for exemption, download the Transfer Exemption form below, or ask for an application at the EWP reception desk.

Transfer Exemption Form (Adobe PDF)


Fulfilling the New York University/Writing Proficiency Exam Requirement

All undergraduates and transfer students at New York University must fulfill the NYU Writing Proficiency Exam requirement. It is fulfilled one of two ways: by passing Writing the Essay with a C or better, or by passing the exam. There is no waiver or exemption from this exam. Transfer students must fulfill this requirement during their first term at NYU.

Transfer students who are required to complete one semester of writing must take Writing the Essay: EXPOS-UA 1, EXPOS-UA 4, or EXPOS-UA 5 (TSOA students.) Completing this course with a C or better fulfills the Writing Proficiency Exam requirement.

Transfer students who are exempted or granted credit by the admissions office for the writing requirement must take the Writing Proficiency Exam. For information about exam dates, contact the EWP Writing Proficiency Exam Office at 212-998-8860 or ewp@nyu.edu.


Writing Proficiency Exam

NYU requires EWP to certify that students are proficient in writing. A student earns proficiency by completing EXPOS-UA 1 Writing the Essay with the grade of “C” or better. Students with C- or lower are asked to take the exam.

Transfer students must take the Writing Proficiency Exam during their first term at NYU. Most programs will offer the exam to new transfer students during Welcome Week.

Students who fail the Writing Proficiency Exam are required to take a four-credit course, EXPOS-UA 13 Writing Tutorial, or an equivalent.

To register for the Writing Proficiency Exam, contact Joanna Mendoza at joanna.mendoza@nyu.edu. Please put “Proficiency Exam” in the subject heading.