The Expository Writing Program publishes two collections of outstanding student work annually, Mercer Street and West Fourth.

West Fourth is a collection of the best work done in the College Writing Workshops offered by EWP in conjunction with NYU's Pre-College Program.

Mercer Street is a collection of the best work done in EWP courses the previous year. It is on sale in the NYU Bookstore each fall, and posted here online one year later. (Each issue remains available for five years; if you are interested in back copies, please contact us.)

Each semester, EWP invites students to submit essays for possible inclusion in Mercer Street. Students enrolled in any Expository Writing course are limited to one (1) essay submission for that course. Students enrolled in an Expository Writing course, and who then enroll in a subsequent or Advanced Expository Writing course, may submit a maximum of one (1) essay for each course. Students may not submit more than one essay per course to Mercer Street.

To submit your essay, please fill out the submission form (linked below) and then upload your essay following the guidelines from the submission form. If you have questions or need assistance regarding the submission process, please contact Richard Larson at

Please read and follow all instructions on the form, or your submission will be disqualified.

Mercer Street Submission Form