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The Writing Tutors Program provides quality writing assistance to advancing CAS students and supports faculty who teach writing in the disciplines. We work with departments and faculty from across the College, learning from faculty about writing in their fields and assisting them to integrate a more intensive focus on teaching writing into their courses.

Once we decide to partner with a course, we will meet with the faculty member to learn about his/her expectations for student writing and to discuss how best to create 2-3 occasions where peer tutors can provide written comments and meet individually with students about their drafts for writing assignments. The tutors are mentored by EWP lecturers who also takes care of logistical details and work to synthesize the knowledge generated from the tutoring process into a couple, short, in-class writing workshops.

William Morgan
Director, Writing Center


Our Mentors 

Conor Creaney
Angela Frattarola
Noelle Mole-Liston
Leeore Schnairsohn
Brian Schwartz
Leah Souffrant

Our Tutors

Hannah Barz
Lana Del Vecchio
Tyler Douglas
Lorena Hernandez
Ruth Hirsch
Amanda Hua
Jodie Kim
Savannah Lim
Nina Maryn
Amy Moore
Huiqun Ong
Katerina Patin
Haley Quinn
Sarah Shaddock
Carly Smallwood
Megan Steiner
Yianni Tsesmelis
Nathaniel Vojtik
Davena Zhang