Academic Advising

During Orientation you will meet with an academic advisor and learn about curricular requirements and course options available to you. You will have an opportunity to discuss your high school experiences, interests, and academic plans for the future with your advisor. Furthermore,  you will register for your fall semester classes. In preparation for Orientation, you may want to review the following information:

Placement Exams
You will have the opportunity to take placement exams in various subjects such as foreign languages, writing, mathematics, and natural sciences on the first and second days of Orientation. These exams are for placement purposes only, but should be taken seriously as they will determine which courses are most appropriate for you.

Advanced Placement (AP) Scores

NYU accepts credit for a number of AP exams if the required score is achieved. For information on which exams NYU accepts, please click here. If you are anticipating AP or college credit, please inform your academic advisor of this. In addition, please bring transcripts or score reports with you if available, as they will help your academic advisor to recommend course options for you.

International Baccalaureate/ A-levels/ National Exams
NYU awards credit for select subjects, scores, and exams. Please bring your official copy of your final scores (if you have received them) to orientation. Your advisor can answer your questions regarding credit and exam scores in individual advising appointments. If you do not yet have your scores, you can bring them into the advising center during the fall semester.

CAS Curriculum

Even before you arrive here for Orientation, you can begin to familiarize yourself with the course offerings at CAS. Review the CAS Website to learn more about the Programs and Departments in CAS, the requirements for particular majors, and courses offered through each department. You can review our core general education curriculum by visiting the webpage for the Core Curriculum. In addition, you can learn a bit about our First-Year and Collegiate Honors Seminar offerings.