Junior Year

In the third year, the College Cohort Program continues to support current students cohorts and welcomes new students who have transferred and transitioned into the college.  As the student body grows, the College Cohort Program expands into a class-wide cohort, whose objectives, though based on the original pillars, now look towards life after CAS: College life emphasizes the connection between collegiate wellness and post-college success, Academic Inquiry includes both academic and professional development, and Service focuses on sustainable service projects and change within a larger/extended community.

For Juniors, this class-wide cohort experience will be shaped by the Junior Board, a selective group of engaged student leaders led by the Junior Class President. Working in conjunction with campus resources such as CAS Alumni Relations and Wasserman, the Junior Board will sponsor events targeted towards the needs and concerns that typically characterize the Junior year. Meet the 2017-2018 Junior Board here!

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