Student Leadership

College Leaders

The College Leader Program is designed to assist first-year students in their social, personal and academic transition by assigning upper-class mentors to first-year students. Meet the 2017-2018 College Leaders here!

Cohort Presidents

The Cohort President position is an opportunity for interested rising sophomores to take more of a leadership role within their cohorts, and within the CAS community as a whole. Meet the 2017-2018 Cohort Presidents here!

CAS Student Council

The CAS Student Council is the governing body for the NYU College of Arts and Science. The Student Council meets weekly throughout the academic year, plans a variety of programs and events and works closely with the NYU CAS clubs and organizations. All students are welcomed and invited to get involved with CAS Student Council!

First-Year Board

The Freshman Class President leads the Freshman Board in creating programs that connect students to campus resources and opportunities needed to facilitate their transition and growth as new college students.

Sophomore Board

The Sophomore Board, led by the Sophomore Class President, will work in partnership and train side by side with Sophomore Cohort Presidents to provide a holistic approach to addressing the needs and concerns of Sophomores.

Junior Board

The Junior Board, led by the Junior Class President, will work in conjunction with campus resources such as CAS Alumni Relations and Wasserman to sponsor events targeted towards the needs and concerns of Juniors

Senior Board

The Senior Class President will lead the Senior Board in facilitating student access to resources on and off campus. The Senior Board will coordinate events designed to help graduating Seniors adjust to post-college life academically, professionally, and personally.

Transfer Orientation Volunteers

Transfer Orientation Volunteers welcome external transfers to NYU and CAS and assist in their transition by providing resources and knowledge from their own college, and even transfer, experiences. 

CAS Academic Achievement Program (AAP)

AAP is an academic and leadership program for underrepresented students of color at the College—specifically, Black, Latino, and Native American students.  The program fosters a sense of community for students of color at NYU.  AAP members meet at 4:30pm on Mondays in Silver 907 and on Thursdays in the Heights Alumni Lounge.

Proud to Be First

Proud to be First seeks to engage and support first-generation students. The program is designed to assist first-generation first-year students in making a successful transition to NYU while cultivating investment and engagement in the College and University Community. 


Upstanders do not stand by while someone is wronged; they do not wait for someone else to take responsibility; they do not look away when someone is in need; they stand up in a positive way.