NYU Faculty are leaders in their fields and recognized nationally and internationally. Being at a liberal arts college as part of a research university, you will encounter faculty as instructors, as mentors, and as research partners. Below are a small sample of the numerous prestigious awards and recognitions received by our faculty:

Guggenheim Fellows include
Uli Baer - German and Comparative Literature 

Areas of Research/Interest:
19th- to 21th-century poetry; literary theory; intersections of history and literature; contemporary literature; theories and history of photography; Rilke and Celan.


Marisa Carrasco - Psychology

Areas of Research/Interest: 
Biomechanics, visual attention, performance fields, illusions, development and other creative combinations of cognition and early visual processing in the vast area of vision sciences.


Hasia Diner - Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Areas of Research/Interest:
American Jewish history, American immigration history and women's history.


David Levering-Lewis - History

Areas of Research/Interest:
Political Biography; Literature of Racism; Europe in Africa and Africa in Europe; World Civilization


Rayna Rapp - Anthropology

Areas of Research/Interest:
Gender, reproduction, health and culture, science and technology, United States and Europe.


Daniel Stein - Physics

Areas of Research/Interest:
Research on Noisy Nonequilibrium Dynamics, Research on Disordered and Random Materials (in and out of equilibrium), Biophysics Research

National Science Foundation Mid Career Award Winner
Maryam Modjaz - Department of Physics

Areas of Research/Interest:
My research and that of my group addresses fore front problems in stellar death astrophysics through extensive and panchromatic observations of various types of massive stellar explosions, specifically Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernovae, which are among the most powerful explosions in the universe, as well as a growing class of exotic transients.

Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching
Joan Breton Connelly - (finalist) Department of Classics, Art History

Areas of Research/Interest:
Greek art, myth, and religion.  A field archaeologist, excavating throughout Greece, Kuwait, and Cyprus where, since 1990, she has directed the NYU Yeronisos Island Expedition

MacArthur Foundation Fellowship
Joan Breton Connelly - Department of Classics, Art History

Areas of Research/Interest:
Greek art, myth, and religion.  A field archaeologist, excavating throughout Greece, Kuwait, and Cyprus where, since 1990, she has directed the NYU Yeronisos Island Expedition

Elodie Ghedin - Biology

Areas of Research/Interest:
Evolutionary genomics of infectious agents; neglected tropical diseases; microbiome and virus metagenomic studies.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator Grant
Eero Simoncelli - Neural Science

Areas of Research/Interest:
The analysis and representation of visual information, including empirical study of the structure of visual scenes, construction of mathematical theories for representation and processing of that structure, implementation and simulation of biologically plausible instantiations of these theories, and psychophysical or (through collaboration) physiological investigations designed to test these theories.

Nobel Prize
Thomas Sargent - Economics

Areas of Research/Interest:
Empirical research on cause and effect in the macroeconomy

National Humanities Medal
Anthony Appiah - Philosophy

Areas of Research/Interest:
African and African-American intellectual history and literary studies, ethics and philosophy of mind and language; and he has also taught regularly about African traditional religions; but his major current work has to do (a) with the social and psychological presuppositions of democracy, (b) with questions of method in arriving at knowledge about values and c) with the connection between theory and practice in moral life. He is currently working, more specifically, on the roles of idealization and ideals in psychology, ethics and politics

Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
Sharon Olds - English and Creative Writing

Areas of Research/Interest:
Her first book of poetry, Satan Says, received the San Francisco Poetry Center Award. Her second book, The Dead and the Living, was both the Lamont Poetry Selection for 1983 and the winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award. She is also the author of The Gold Cell, The Father, The Wellspring, Blood, Tin, Straw, The Unswept Room and Strike Sparks: Selected Poems, 1980-2002. Her latest collection is One Secret Thing.   2013 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for Stag’s Leap

National Book Award Winner
James McBride - Journalism

Areas of Research/Interest:
A writer and composer. His memoir, The Color of Water (Riverhead/Putnam), is an American literary classic. It rested on the New York Times bestseller list for more than two years, and is read in colleges across America. His latest book is Miracle At St. Anna (Riverhead 2003), a novel. He is a former staff writer for The Wilmington (Del.) News Journal, The Boston Globe, People Magazine, and The Washington Post (Style Section). His work has appeared in The New York Times and Rolling Stone. He holds several awards for his work as a composer, including The American Music Theater Festival's Stephen Sondheim Award. He has written songs for Anita Baker and Grover Washington, Jr., among others.

American Academy of Arts and Science Fellows include
Marsha Berger - Computer Science and Mathematics

Areas of Research/Interest:
Computational fluid dynamics; adaptive methods; parallel scientific computing.

David Chalmers - Philosophy

Areas of Research/Interest:
Philosophy of mind and in related areas of philosophy and cognitive science; Interested in consciousness; also interested in all sorts of other issues in the philosophy of mind and language, metaphysics and epistemology, and the foundations of cognitive science.

Béatrice Longuenesse - Philosophy

Areas of Research/Interest:
Kant, Hegel, modern philosophy, philosophy of mind, early modern philosophy, contemporary European philosophy.

Elizabeth Phelps - Psychology and Neural Science

Areas of Research/Interest:
Research examines the cognitive neuroscience of emotion, learning and memory. Primary focus has been to understand how human learning and memory are changed by emotion and to investigate the neural systems mediating their interactions. Approaches this topic from a number of different perspectives, with an aim of achieving a more global understanding of the complex relations between emotion and memory.

Jalal Shatah - Mathematics

Areas of Research/Interest:
The problem of global existence and asymptotic behavior of small solutions to nonlinear hyperbolic and dispersive equations.