NYU's College of Arts and Science promotes all of the many and various shapes undergraduate research can take. CAS students’ can be found pursuing research projects in the labs of world-renowned scientists right here at NYU; throughout the five boroughs of New York City; and in archives, libraries and museums around the world. While many CAS students pursue the Honors track in their major and write a senior thesis, the opportunity to perform research is open to all students. If you have a question that needs answering, you can undertake research!

The Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund provides CAS students with the material support necessary to seek those answers:
  • Use funds to conduct on-site research in the US and abroad.  Funds were used to support study at:  Baltimore, Washington D.C., Texas, California, Peru, the UK, Spain, Greece, Italy, Denmark
  • Use funds to present research at national and international conferences: Acoustical Society of America, Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Association for Psychological Science, Hack Zurich, Society for Applied Anthropology, Society for Historical Anthropology, Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer, Society for Neuroscience and numerous national undergraduate research conferences
  • Use funds to carry out research projects in dozens of labs not only at NYU but also around New York City: e.g. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Rockefeller University
  • More than 300 students from every CAS discipline and major as well as over 150 faculty participate in the Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Abstracts of those projects are published in the College’s journal for undergraduate research, Inquiry
  • Examples of student funded research projects:
    • “The Muslims of New York’s Jewish Communities, 1893-1964”
    • “A Tough Pill to Swallow: Margaret Sanger, the Birth Control Movement and Eugenics”
    • “Astor Place Riots”
    • “The Redefinition of Masculinity”
    • “Optimizing Brain Machine Interface: Information Across Cortical Layers”