Cinema Studies

Students in CAS may major (or minor) in Cinema Studies by arrangement with the Tisch School of the Arts.

The Cinema Studies department requires that CAS students be in residence in the College for one full year before declaring the major (transfer students may declare after one full semester). After this time, they should schedule an appointment with the departmental advisor to discuss their interests and formally declare the major.

CAS students wishing to complete honors in this major will be accommodated by the TSOA faculty; such students will take two advanced seminars, meet at least twice with the Director of Undergraduate Studies each semester, and complete an approved research project.

To declare the Cinema Studies major/minor or be cleared for registration, CAS students should meet with the Tisch Cinema Studies Department in the following time periods:
For Spring Registration:  October 1 to November 1
For Fall Registration:  March 15 to April 15

For further information, please review the Cinema Studies webpage, contact Melanie Daly (Department of Cinema Studies, 212-998-1600), or see your academic adviser in the College Advising Center.