Columbia Language Exchange

NYU students are eligible to enroll in certain language courses offered at Columbia University during each fall and spring semester. Students who wish to enroll in a course must obtain an access code from the Office of Academic Affairs (212-998-8110), located in the Silver Center, 100 Washington Square East, Room 908. Graduate students must also receive permission from their home school before they can enroll in a course.

The following language courses at Columbia University are available to NYU students: Armenian, Bengali, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Catalan, Czech (Intermediate-level only), Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Ottoman Turkish, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Sanskrit, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Modern Tibetan, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Wolof, Yoruba (Intermediate-level only) and Zulu. Most (but not all) language courses are offered in a sequential pattern; i.e., Elementary I and Intermediate I are given in the fall, and Elementary II and Intermediate II are given in the spring. Not every language (or course level) is necessarily offered every semester.

Students can enroll in courses through the intermediate level; for students in CAS, completion of the intermediate II level satisfies the CAS foreign language requirement. Students interested in advanced level courses of these languages should contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

For meeting times and locations please check the Columbia University online directory of classes: Meeting times are also listed on Albert.

Must read: Important Enrollment Information

If you have no background in a language, you must begin at the Elementary I level (no placement exam required). Students with a background in a language must be evaluated by Columbia faculty to determine their proper placement. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs for more information.

After enrolling on Albert, each student’s information will be sent to Columbia University to be added to their registration system. We will notify you via email once this is done; you can then obtain a Columbia University ID card and email account (see Columbia University’s website for more information).

If, after enrolling in a class, you decide to drop the course, you must immediately inform the Office of Academic Affairs of your change of status. We will then notify Columbia University and they will drop you on their registration system as well. It is not sufficient to drop the class on Albert.