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First Things First:

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At The College, we know that the academic experience cannot be a successful one unless the student feels safe and at ease in their learning environment.  We take the mandate of community safety--and the comfort and care of each and every one of our citizens--very, very seriously.  To that end, the College and the University offer protection services and wellness assistance programs that are available to our students 24/7.  We've provided some links to a variety of these services below:

In the midst of New York City, NYU students are truly part of the tempo and excitement of Greenwich Village and beyond. NYU is committed to safety, wellness education, and outstanding health care as part of the University community.


NYU's Student Health Center (SHC) is a campus resource and service center for all matriculated students. We offer universal, hassle-free appointment-based and walk-in medical and counseling services at either no cost or very reduced cost to all NYU students:

The mission of New York University's Department of Public Safety is to create a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to pursue their educational and professional goals across the Global Network University.

(Bus and/or Trolley Photo) NYU maintains a transportation fleet that runs between  the main classroom hub at Washington Square and NYU residence halls and satellite academic facilities, institutes, and centers.  Additionally, NYU Safe Ride vans provide an on-call, shared ride van service available for transportation to and from NYU facilities.


  • The College Cohort Program is a four- year school specific program that provides all CAS freshman the opportunity to build a small community within CAS that is diverse in intellectual range, serves as a crucible for debate and scholarship, and fosters a welcoming and supportive home.

  • During Welcome Week (the weekend before the first day of classes) students will be provided with information about CAS and NYU to make their transition to NYU and NYC as smooth as possible.  

  • Every freshman will be part of a cohort of approximately 36 student that will meet regularly in the fall and spring semester to discuss topics such as, academic success, personal wellness, research readiness, course registration, academic requirements, cross- cultural communication, study  away opportunities, career exploration, co-curricular involvement, major exploration, and navigating NYC.  Cohort meetings are co-led by students' assigned CAS Academic Advisor and a College Leader (upper-class student mentor).       

  • Each freshman will be assigned a College Leader (upper-class student mentor) that they will meet during Welcome Week and remain a point person and resource throughout their freshman year.  College Leaders provide social, academic, and service related programming for student to connect with one another and the city throughout the first-year.

  • The College Cohort program continues to engage sophomores, juniors, and seniors through student leadership opportunities and fostering social, academic,service, alumni and career connections.  A common thread throughout the CCP is students' sustained connection with their assigned academic advisor. 

Transfer Orientation will include discussions with an academic advisor about NYU and CAS policies, graduation requirements, major declaration, and transfer of courses.
Welcome Week is a time of firsts for CAS students: finding textbooks and classrooms; setting up appointments with their academic advisers; perhaps riding the subway. On August 29, they gather as a class at Convocation for the first and last time before graduation with Dean G. Gabrielle Starr. (DETAILS ABOUT STATEN ISLAND YANKEES EVENT, Photo?) Right after this event, they break into their cohorts and connect with a professor to discuss the summer common read, which unites students and faculty around a shared text. Academic Inquiry is one pillar of the College Cohort Program, and these discussion groups, which we call Freshman Dialogue, are a lively and thoughtful introduction to intellectual life at CAS.

***BOILERPLATE TEXT FROM LAST YEAR—current book not yet chosen)  This year, the book selection committee chose Pat Barker's remarkable World War I novel Regeneration. The Great War - “The Great War”—with a centennial commemoration this year—marks the outset of a radical shift into the global, technological, and at times overwhelmingly violent force of modernity.The politics of dissent in wartime, Social Darwinism and fears of racial "decline," gender roles, and the history of psychiatry and medicine are among the many themes in the book . Faculty from English, including Convocation keynote speaker Patrick Deer; French; computer science; biology, and history (to mention just a handful of disciplines) have volunteered to participate. We hope that the discussions will act as a lead-in to events being planned at NYU to  mark the centenary of the conflict.
You can read the guide that the dean's office prepared for incoming students here:  https://www.nyu.edu/cas/FreshmanDialogue2014.pdf

***When a student enters college, an exciting transition occurs:  they become responsible for their educational experience.  While parents may be accustomed to contacting teachers, advisers, counselors on behalf of students, there are policies of the federal government that explain the limitations to these conversations.  The Federal Education Right to Privacy Act explains how information is shared between the student and NYU, and how information sharing between parents and NYU takes place.  
We still truly believe parents are our partners and are happy to hear from you about issues or concerns you have about your son or daughter.  We will offer what we can in the context of these guidelines.  


Financial Aid – NYU Scholarships & Grants (A comprehensive list of free scholarship search engines)

CAS ONLINE BULLETIN:  Want to know the full range of CAS majors, minors, and courses your child can choose from? Curious about how AP and other advanced standing credits count at NYU? The CAS Bulletin (our catalogue) is a large tome, but conveniently available on-line at bulletin.cas.nyu.edu


A huge part of the excitement for new students is discovering on their own the different goals and challenges that they can set for themselves.  Here are but a few:

Presidential Honors Scholars - http://cas.nyu.edu/page/honorsprograms
Dean’s List and other honors - http://bulletin.cas.nyu.edu/page/honors.awards

Individualized Pacing-
Each student is unique.  At times your student may find a need to step away from NYU for health or other personal reasons, or for an interesting time-sensitive opportunity that cannot be passed up.  The College has a Leave of Absence policy in place for these situations, and it is explained here.  

*Leave of Absence Link*

Foreign Language Placement and Exemption Examinations: Proficiency in a foreign language is not only a degree requirement, but a rewarding preparation for 21st Century citizenship; we encourage our students to begin their language study early. If your child exempts from the requirement, we hope s/he will study a language as an elective--possibly in preparation for NYU Study Away. http://cas.nyu.edu/page/placementexams#link1

Advanced Honors Seminars:  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to register for an Advanced Honors Seminar. These small-setting courses—never more than twenty students—taught by distinguished professors from throughout the faculty of this large research University, offer an incredible opportunity for our students, putting them into direct contact with great ideas and great thinkers. http://cas.nyu.edu/page/honorsprograms

Summer Programs/Study Away/Winter Term:  If your son or daughter doesn't have time during the academic year to fit in classes he or she would love to take, then don't forget about summer. CAS offers a wide range of summer courses, both at New York's Washington Square campus, in DC, and overseas in Athens, Florence, Paris and elsewhere.  A new feature this term is our Research + Program that allows your student to work on their research in New York City over the summer with a NYU housing stipend.  Learn more at: cas.nyu.edu/page/research+

Courses are also offered in our January term, which provide excellent opportunities for your student to progress in a major/minor, or accelerate towards graduation.  Students can register themselves through Albert. Learn more at: https://www.nyu.edu/admissions/january-term.html and https://www.nyu.edu/admissions/summer-sessions.html. Is your student interested in summer study abroad? The College of Arts and Science offers 11 Summer Abroad programs across the Global Network and beyond. Scholarships are available for qualified CAS students. For details and application, see: www.nyu.edu/summer/abroad/cas.

The College of Arts and Science is aware of the financial commitment an NYU education is to individual students and their families.  We want to direct you to resources that can help with the financial aspects of your child’s education.  

The Office of Financial Aid Parents Resources Page
This office helps students and their families with planning the costs of an NYU education, liaises with government loan processes, and coordinates school based aid for students.  


The Bursar’s Office
This office is the bill collector of the university.  Payments are made to this office.  The student bill is generated here and sent to the student and/or family.  


Wasserman Center for Career Development
Work study positions (government funded employment as part of a student’s financial aid package) are posted here as are other part time work opportunities.  Not only do they provide payment for a student’s work, but they are great leadership opportunities as well.