General tips, guidelines and reminders for filling out a petition:

  • Provide supporting documentation whenever possible.
    • Examples include (but are not limited to) correspondence with faculty, syllabi, course descriptions, etc.;
  • Provide as much detail as possible;
  • At the same time, be succinct and keep your petition focused on details that are directly relevant to your situation;
  • Be sure to explain the academic situation as clearly and fully as possible.

Types of Petitions and Forms:

Increase Non-CAS Credit Limit

CAS students are allowed to take a total of 16 credits in other NYU schools and divisions. This includes courses taken for any minors approved by CAS.

  • This petition can be used to request permission to take more than 16 non-CAS credits.
    • NB: Ideally, you will only file this petition once in your time at NYU. When completing this petition, you will need to list all the courses (and number of credits per course) taken outside of CAS as well as any non-CAS courses you are planning on taking prior to graduating.

Pass/Fail Option

You can choose to Pass/Fail one course per term. You are able to declare the pass/fail option before the end of the ninth week of the semester by consulting with your CAS advisor. The Pass/Fail option cannot be used towards a major, minor or CORE requirement.

  • These petitions can be used to request permission:
    • Late Pass/Fail: to elect the pass/fail option for a course you are currently taking if the Pass/Fail deadline has already passed.
    • Retroactive Pass/Fail: to elect the pass/fail option for a course from the current or previous semester or term.
    • Rescind a Pass/Fail: to rescind a pass/fail election for a course from a previous term and to receive a letter grade instead. In this case, you must provide proof of the grade from the professor.

Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing from Courses

CAS expects students to maintain a full-time schedule each semester (see the CAS Bulletin for more information). Before you petition to drop or add a class you should consult the “Academic Requirements” tool in Albert and/or a CAS advisor about how this change will affect your full-time status and your ability to complete your major, minor and CAS requirements. Keep in mind that changing your program may impact your financial aid.

Add or Drop a Course

The deadline to add or drop a course is the end of the second week of the semester. If you drop a course before the end of the second week of the semester, the course will not appear on your transcript. Adding a course after this is usually only permitted when changing levels within the same discipline (e.g., from French 100 to French 30).

  • This petition (course permission form and add/drop form) can be used to request permission:
    • Adding a Course: to add a course after the Add/Drop deadline. Please provide written approval (e.g., printed email correspondence) from the instructor.
    • Time Conflict (Adding a Course): to enroll in courses that have a time conflict. You must also provide written approval from both professors (e.g., printed email correspondence).

Withdraw from a Course

If you drop a class from the beginning of the third week through the end of the ninth week of the semester, the course will appear on your transcript with a grade of "W." A "W" does not affect your GPA. Only in exceptional cases are students allowed to withdraw from a course after the ninth week of the semester.
  • This petition (general petition and add/drop form) can be used to request permission:
    • Late Withdrawal: to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline (i.e., the ninth week of the semester). If your petition is approved, you will be withdrawn from the course and the course will appear on your transcript with a grade of “W.”
    • Retroactive Withdrawal: to retroactively withdraw from a course you took in a previous semester that you did not complete.

Receiving Credit for Courses Taken at another Institution

Once enrolled in CAS, students are expected to take all their courses at NYU. If you would like approval to attend a different institution and receive credit for courses taken there, you must file a petition.

  • This petition can be used to request permission:
    • Off-Campus: to transfer credits taken at a domestic or international university during the summer or January term. Please note that this petition must be based on your overall academic goals and completion of your academic program. CAS offers many courses during the semester, J-Term and summer sessions both in New York and abroad.
  • Complete this academic proposal to request permission:

CORE requirements

CAS students must complete the CORE curriculum (Expository Writing, Foreign Language, Foundations of Contemporary Culture, Foundations of Scientific Inquiry) in order to graduate. For information on completing CORE requirements via exemptions, substitutions and proficiency exams, please consult the CORE website.

  • This petition can be used to request permission:
    • Substituting a CORE Requirement: to fulfill a CORE requirement with a course that is not listed on the CORE website. You should also attach a course description and/or syllabus for the substitute course or courses.
    • Waiving a CORE Requirement: to waive a CORE requirement. You should attach documentation supporting your request.

Course Repeats

Students are allowed to repeat no more than two courses and may only repeat a given course once if a letter grade or a “W” was issued for that course. Please see the CAS Bulletin for more information about course repeats, how the credits are counted and how it affects your GPA.

  • This petition can be used to request permission to repeat one course a second time or to repeat more than two courses.


The grade of “I” (Incomplete) is temporary. It indicates the student has not completed all of the course work but that the student could pass the course once all the requirements have been completed. An “I” is not awarded automatically: students must request it from the instructor. If the course work is not completed after the statutory time has elapsed, the “I” will become an F and be computed in the student’s grade point average.

  • This form can be used to request permission for the extension of an Incomplete.

Graduating with Less than 128 Credits

CAS students are required to complete 128 credits (i.e., 16 per semester; 32 per year) in order to graduate.
  • Students who have taken courses with less than 4 credits can use this petition to request permission to graduate with 127 credits.

General Academic Petition

This petition can be used:

  • For any academic situation that requires an exception, waiver or substitution not mentioned above.

Medical Leave/Withdrawal

If a student is considering a medical or counseling leave of absence, they should make an appointment to receive assistance with the process by calling the Office of the Associate Dean for Students (212.998.8140) or coming to the Office in person (Silver 909). NYU’s Student Health Center also offers walk-in counseling and the Wellness Exchange (212.443.9999) for students in need of immediate support.