Junior Programs

The Junior & Senior Kick-Off is Monday, Sep 15!


The kick-off event can help you navigate a successful path in your junior year. You'll learn about opportunities for faculty mentoring, research funding, academic fellowships, leadership development, career counseling, graduate school, and alumni networking. Every student who attends will receive a free padfolio and the chance to win an iPad mini, gift cards, and other prizes. As if that weren't enough, we'll be serving a bunch of free candy to celebrate the sweetness of your success!

In addition to attending the Kick-Off event on September 15, regularly check our EVENTS CALENDAR to find more programs that can support your intellectual and career goals.

JUNIOR LEADERSHIP BOARD--Apply by September 24!

CCP_Program_logo.pngApply to be a member of the College Cohort Program's Junior Leadership Board! Make your mark by defining and promoting the junior year experience in CAS and by developing programs that are responsive to the needs of juniors. As a member of the Junior Leadership Board, you will also have special opportunities to connect with alumni, faculty, and career resources to help you grow personally and professionally.

If you have completed at least 64 credits, you are eligible to apply. Junior students who are currently studying abroad in the Fall, or who plan to study abroad in the Spring, are still eligible to apply for the Junior Leadership Board. However, they will be asked to explain in their application how they would contribute to the board’s activities if they had to do so remotely. Students who plan on studying abroad in both the Fall and the Spring are, unfortunately, not eligible to participate in the board.

The application is due by September 24 and is available here. To access the application, please log out of any personal Google accounts. You will then be prompted to log in with your NYU Net ID and password. For questions or more information please contact cas.ccp@nyu.edu or call 212-998-8130.

Your Junior Year
Often lost in the rush and excitement of arrival and graduation, the Junior Year is an exciting and important period of a student's college career. In addition to pursuing specialized coursework in their major, Juniors have the opportunity to participate in various interdisciplinary, specialized, and accelerated programs offered by the College. Many Juniors will also study abroad, begin to prepare for graduate school, and/or pursue internships and employment opportunities related to future academic and career plans. In other words, the Junior Year is a crucial "bridge" year during which student needs are diverse, specialized, and continually evolving. Junior year is an ideal time to:
  • Prepare for law school, a career in business, or a health profession

  • Research and prepare for graduate school:

    Meet with your major advisor and/or a faculty mentors to learn more about graduate study in your field of interest. Questions to consider:
    -Will a graduate degree help me achieve my academic/professional goals?
    -Am I more interested in a professional degree, or one that emphasizes theory and research in my field?
    -What’s the difference between a Master’s and Doctoral program in my field, and which one is right for me?
    -Which specific programs might complement my research interests?
    -How might I fund a graduate education?
    -How can I prepare a strong application to graduate school?

    Consider one of our Accelerated Bachelor’s-Master’s Programs.
    -CAS-GSAS program
    -CAS-Steinhardt program
    -CAS-Wagner program
    -For advisement on program eligibility, admissions, and general degree planning, students are encouraged to meet with Scott Statland (scott.statland@nyu.edu), Associate Director, Juniors and Inter-School Programs.
    -Students may visit Scott during walk-in hours (Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm; Fridays, 11:00am-12:00pm)  at the Academic Resource Center (ARC, 18 Washington Place), or they may call the CAS Advising Center (212-998-8130) to schedule an appointment at an alternative time.

  • Get a jump start on your career by visiting the Wasserman Center for Career Development. Choosing a direction to go in your career depends on a number of different variables. Whether it’s choosing a major, discovering new jobs or fine-tuning your chosen path, the Wasserman Center is ready to help. Wasserman has a wide range of services, including direct counseling, workshops, panel discussions, recruitment events, industry seminars, career fairs, job and internship listings, and more. To see a calendar of upcoming events at Wasserman, log into CareerNet, then click on the Calendar or Events tab. To schedule a career counseling appointment, log into CareerNet, then click on Request a Counseling Appointment in the Shortcuts section on the main page.
  • Check your degree progress using this worksheet (or this worksheet, for students who transitioned from the Liberal Studies Core Program). To complete it, please access your Unofficial Transcript and Academic Requirements Report in your Albert Student Center to determine your total credits, grade point average, and the status of your degree requirements. Consult the relevant CAS Bulletin for a full description of degree requirements and restrictions.

The College offers special programming and advisement designed to assist you in these endeavors. Although Juniors receive academic advising from their major departmental advisor, they are encouraged to continue to work with their academic advisor in the College Advising Center. Juniors can also come by the Advising Center during walk-in hours to speak to a part-time advisor. Walk-in hours are as follows:

 Mondays10:00am - 4:00pm
 Tuesdays10:00am - 4:00pm
 Wednesdays10:00am - 2:00pm
 Thursdays10:00am - 4:00pm
 Fridays10:00am - 4:00pm