2015 Teaching Awards

Each year, the College of Arts and Science recognizes faculty for their outstanding contribution to learning in the classroom. Twelve regular full-time faculty members are chosen to receive Golden Dozen Teaching Awards from nominations submitted by CAS students and faculty. A similar number of adjunct faculty members receive the College's Outstanding Teaching Award.

Do you have a professor or colleague who is an outstanding teacher? Or a lab or recitation instructor who does an extraordinary job in the classroom? This is the time to nominate that person for one of these awards.

You can use one of the forms below to nominate a favorite teacher. It's fast, easy, and an excellent way to recognize and reward the best teachers.

2014 Golden Dozen Awards
Emily Balcetis, Psychology
Vivek Chibber, Sociology
Marcelle Clements, CAS
Claude Desplan, Biology
Juliet Fleming, English
Alys George, German
Maitland Jones, Chemistry
Selin Kalaycioglu, Courant
Aisha Khan, Anthropology
Mary Killilea, Biology and Environmental Studies
Jenni Quilter, Expository Writing Program
Noelle Stout, Anthropology

2014 Outstanding Teaching Awards
Gizem Acikgoz, Politics
Kurt Hollender, German
Salvador Mascarenhas, Linguistics
Jack Salzman, CAS