Application Process

Applying to health professional schools is a significant undertaking with many moving parts. Most health professional schools require applicants to submit applications more than a year before they plan to matriculate and require, in addition to the completion of the prehealth course sequence, letters of recommendation, evidence of extracurricular involvement, standardized test scores, essays, and interviews.

Applicants are expected to participate in the process and stay informed of application procedures in the following ways:

  • Update your Advisestream Profile and Academics + Engagements Planner; set your Intent to Apply to indicate a matriculation year of 2018
  • Complete Part I and II of the Prehealth Committee Application in Advisestream. Use this guide to help you navigate the application.
  • Stay up-to-date with announcements and events by reading the weekly Prehealth E-newsletter, The Medical Record, and by monitoring the Prehealth Calendar of Events!
  • View the Application Year Overview: Preparing Your Professional School Application webinar as you prepare to submit your primary applications to centralized application services and/or schools of the health professions. 
    • All Summer 2017 applicants are expected to view this webinar for important information about the primary application process, including directions for requesting the submission of your Committee Letter. Please view this webinar before contacting the Preprofessional Advising Center with questions about the process.