Students in prehealth programs must take the same sequence of courses no matter which college they attend. These courses are required by the professional schools, not by the undergraduate colleges. Fortunately, the requirements for the four-year doctoral programs in most of the healthcare professions are similar.

These courses are the minimum requirements. Some medical schools may require additional courses, particularly in mathematics and/or biochemistry. You should familiarize yourself with the requirements for those schools to which you think you may apply. The best source for this information is the AAMC publication Medical Schools Admissions Requirements.

As you work with your advisor to plan your academic path at NYU, we also encourage you to use AdviseStream's Academics and Engagement Planner to organize your schedule and monitor your performance. The A&E Planner will help you keep track of your prerequisite completion, monitor and reflect on trends in your grades, and stay proactive throughout your four years at NYU.