Prehealth Overview

Are you considering a health career? 

Discover the essentials of building a strong preprofessional portfolio!

Once offered as live sessions, the Preprofessional Advising Center is excited to offer our Prehealth Overview webinar. This 35-minute presentation will touch on:

  • Prehealth academic preparation
  • Entrance Exams
  • Importance of your preprofessional portfolio
  • Letters of evaluation
  • Application readiness
  • Resources

Viewing the overview webinar will be your first touchpoint with our office beyond new student orientation. With these basics under your belt, we hope that your future meetings with our staff will be more personalized and substantial. All students are expected to have watched the overview webinar and completed the linked assessment form (or previously attended a live overview session) prior to scheduling a one-on-one prehealth advising appointment. 

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