Proud to Be First


Program Overview

Proud to be First seeks to engage and support first-generation students. The program is designed to assist first-generation freshman in making a successful transition to NYU while cultivating investment and engagement in the College and University Community. This is accomplished through creating supportive networks, establishing personal and academic goals, getting connected to campus resources and services, and meeting other first-generation students, faculty, and staff. 

Proud to Be First Mentors

As a key element of the program each first-generation college student enrolled in the College will receive a Proud Mentor. Proud Mentors will work to plan and implement meetings, events, and workshops and serve as mentors and help connect first-year students to College and University resources, faculty members, alumni and staff. Proud Mentors are encouraged to share their stories and experiences to promote student success and engagement.

Proud to Be First Advocates

Proud to Be First Advocates are distinguished faculty and staff that have an invested interest in supporting first generation students. They are volunteers from across the College of Arts and Science (CAS). The premise of Proud Advocates is to serve as a component of the first-generation student support system. Our students are encouraged to reach out to an advocate within CAS whether they are in need of alternative support or wish to develop their network at New York University.

Proud to Be First Alumni Component 

Proud to Be First is happy to connect First Generation students with alumni that will guide them through their NYU journey. It is our hope the program will provide opportunities for students and alumni to engage in learning partnership centered on student academic, professional, social, and lifegoals. Alumni will share their experiences as well as expertise, giving students invaluable opportunities and putting them on the path to success. 


Proud to Be First will hold strategic programs throughout the fall and spring semesters. These programs focus on sharing applicable resources, connecting students with their community and providing a platform for intellectual discussion. In the spring mentees, mentors and leadership will have the opportunity to attend a Spring Retreat designed to strengthen the first-generation community. In addition, Proud Mentors will provide programming to their mentees. The programs will be both academic and social in nature, allowing the students to get to know one another, as well being provided building blocks to enrich their New York University experience.