Program goals with respect to increasing the representation of women in science and mathematics:

  • Provide support for women aspiring to careers in math and science throughout their time at NYU

  • Mentor WINS Scholars from the time they are sophomores at NYU

  • Guide WINS Scholars in the process of identifying research opportunities and focused development of grant writing and communication skills

  • Create opportunities for WINS Scholars to develop leadership skills and strengthen self-esteem

  • Develop networking opportunities for WINS Scholars

  • Establish a cohort of young women science scholars at NYU that form a local network and support group

  • Create opportunities for outreach to the community to enhance the career development of the WINS Scholars and to improve access to careers in science for underrepresented groups more generally

WINS participants are afforded the same rigorous education that all science students receive at NYU. The program, however, incorporates some important enhancements

  • Individualized advisement and a faculty mentor 

  • Seminars, discussions, and dinners with notable women engaged in science and math professions

  • Leadership training and the opportunity to intern with professional women in industry and academia

  • A scholarship