Past Events 2010-2011


March 28, 2011:  Third Annual WINS Lecture Featuring Dr. Wendy Suzuki, NYU Center for Neural Science 

Professor Suzuki engaged the audience with a dynamic lecture on the ability of exercise to enhance learning, memory, cognition, and recovery from addictions. Suzuki's energy and enthusiasm for exercise was catching: she surprised attendees by leading everyone in a vigorous five minute exercise routine! A thoughtful question and answer session followed the lecture and provoked rich discussion. 



February 14, 2011: Chinatown Dinner at the Peking Duck House

Who knew sharing crispy duck and succulent plum sauce could be inspirational!?  WINS scholars took time away from their hectic schedules to  share in the joy of food and conversation.  Laughter and the sound of cracking fortune cookies suppressed the stress of the day, and provided a spurt of energy for the rest of the week.



December 6, 2010 : Night at the Movies

WINS gets proactive with BAG IT!
Being environmentally conscious, WINS sponsored a showing of the documentary film, BAG IT: Is Your Life Too Plastic?  Through a blend of humor and well-researched information, interviews, and personal commentary, Susan Beraza's film challenges viewers to question their reliance on plastic in their daily lives, from such consumer products as water bottles to the ubiquitous plastic shopping bag. WINS members and attendees lingered afterwards to debate the issues presented in the film over a meal of lamb kebabs and hummus.