Past Events 2012-2013

April 2013: Gabrielle Starr speaks on "Feeling Beauty"

The 5th Annual Women in Science Lecture was presented by the Dean of the College of Arts and Science and Professor of English Gabrielle Starr. Why do we call certain arts "sisters?" Music, painting, and poetry appeal to us through different senses, and we encounter them in different ways. Yet we call them all "art," and feel in some fundamental way that they affect us similarly. Cognitive neuroscience can give us insight into the brain bases for understanding the relationships between the arts, and in this lecture Professor Starr explained how systems for reward, emotion, and perception contribute to aesthetic experience. She has a book, "Feeling Beauty," that was published in July 2013 by MIT Press.


February 2013: WINS Mixer

A panel of female researchers at various stages of their career discussed their experiences in pursuing a career in science. Afterwards, panelists and WINS members enjoyed eating and mingling.

December 2012: Pizza Dinner and UCB Show

WINS members had a fun night out, with a pizza dinner followed by a trip to the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater.